Adrastos Christos - The Plucked Feather

Our ships are faster, more agile and better crewed than theirs. We will destroy them before they meet our shores!
— Adrastos, shortly before his ship is rammed and split in two
  Before the Legions properly invaded the islands of Gresya there were minor skirmishes along the Imperial coasts by Thesselv raiders and pirates. At this time in history Imperial naval ships and tactics revolved around big ships with oars and sails whose primary and only attack was ramming other ships to disgorge their cargo of Legionaries onto the enemy ship. And at this time, the island of Gresya was unheard of, these mysterious tall people were not yet fully understood however they were known to possess a form of prescience.   The problem the Imperials encoutered was that Thesselv ships were much more agile in the water and considerably faster, they could whip by an Imperial ship showering it with arrows and fire pots faster than could be believed in some instances. Initial losses of ships and personnel against these raiders were heavy, however like all problems the Imperials encountered, they stopped, analyzed the situation and formulated a plan.   The plan involved long wiring nets between two ships and 'catching' a Thesselv vessel between them, while a third ship rammed it amidships taking it out instantly. This renewed tactic led to a showdown between Adrastos Christos, one of the most renowned Thesselv Raiders and the 1st Legion.


Adrastos Christos had made a name for himself having raided many villages along the coast of the Imperial Provinces, everytime they went out they brought back food, gold and slaves in large quantities. Adrastos became famous for even bringing back a Legionaries armour and weapons, which earned him a large reputation among the Thesselvs as a risk taker and with the Legion as a target.   After several raids the Imperials laid a trap for Adrastos in a coastal village by having Legionaries ready in ambush, however Adrastos sensing something amiss thanks to his Thesselv intuition and he did not land his boats. However due to the Imperial's having studied the problems they were having with Thesselvs they had anticipated the first ruse failing, and there was a fleet of ships hiding out to sea waiting for the return of Adrastos fleet. They were equipped with this new net system and managed to entangle Adrastos ship up quite dramatically, it was now dragging the two Imperial ships behind it slowing it down to an almost stop. Adrastos intuition kicked in and he realised this was it.   An Imperial ship struck Adrastos ship right in the middle at full speed, splitting his ship in two and killing him and his crew outright. Upon the invasion of Gresya, Adratos' holdings were seized and the captured Legion armour retrieved. The lesson was clear, the Legion will always gain the upper hand eventually.


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