The Senate, comprised of 600 individuals is responsible for the day to day decision making of the Empire. They report to the Emperor and advise him of what decisions to make. To serve on the Senate is considered one of the highest honours a civilian can attain without joining the Exercitum Imperatoria.  

Notable Senators

Senator Biggus Dickus Senator Incontinentia Buttocks Manlia Womana Roboute Guilliman Realus Hominus Norobotus Writis Blockias Gorgious Bannerious Stealious Tormentus Tyrannus Dorkus Sidius Aeneas Placarius Holdius Engorgantuon Bollucktis Themitros Locaius Jingglebungotis Plethoria Thesaurus Duanes Rockus Ionusus

Vox Populi

Geopolitical, Empire
Controlled Territories


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