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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Which is the most prestigious profession in your world?
A total of 149 entries

Fharyne Defense Fleet Sailor

Blacksmiths of the Realm of Metal

Ether Crystal Technomancer

Guardsman of the 1st Elite Garde du Corps "The White Guard"

The Magus Towers of the Middle Lands

Éthériste de cour | Court etherist

Thaumocomputational Engineer

The Special Interstellar Naval Service (S.I.N.S)

Haven - Watchers of the Sands

Exploration Corps' Trooper

The divided proffeisions

Seporro'w /sɛpuɹuʔw/ (Story Teller)

Azukenda (Verin Head of Family)

Flute Player (or Sorcerer or Wizard or Warlock)