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Tower Mages

Agents of the Triskelion

Any of those who complete their primary education at the Triskelion are invited to become official Tower Mages. Easily recognized by their signet rings, a Tower Mage completes tasks assigned to them by the Triskelion and is poised to take promotions within the organization.



Only those mages able to complete at least 8 full years of classes at the Triskelion qualify for the rings that denote a full Tower Mage. Completing those courses prove the mage has basic proficiency in each school of magic and mastery over at least one school.

Career Progression

Each Tower Mage is encouraged to continue their studies within the tower between their assigned tasks. After a letter of recommendation is submitted by the Mage's advisory, a Tower Mage is qualified for advanced placement within the organization. From Tower Mage, they may progress towards a teaching/researcher path or appointment over an operation outside of the tower/Roue D'or.

Payment & Reimbursement

Each agent of the Triskelion is provided with room and board while they work within the organization. Those participating in research operations of mission work for the tower receive a stipend.


Social Status

Within Roue D'or a Tower Mage is, on average, met with respect depending on their rank. Outside of Roue D'or controlled territory, a Tower Mage's reception can vary from skepticism, fear, or even reverence.


Provided Services

Each Tower Mage starts off guarding Roue D'or's various defensive walls. Across the world community, Tower Mages are available for hire to manage magical or other paranormal issues.

Dangers & Hazards

A Tower Mage is considered one of the most lethal professions in the world due to the nature of their work. It is entirely possible that a mage could perish during a tower expedition or mission abroad.   Tower Mages are cautioned to take care when operating near Whitecloak-controlled territory. Many Whitecloaks view the Tower as an affront to the gods and may arrest Tower Mages who bring too much attention to themselves. These arrests often lead to imprisonment and sometimes execution depending on the interactions with the Whitecloak soldiers and any magical items the Mage may have on their person.
"You're from the Triskelion aren't you? I saw your ring when you spoke to the others." She shifts her weight causing her long, brunette braid to fall and reveal a bow carried on her back. "My name is Chrysanthemum. Great to meet you. I've always wanted to go to the Academy, what's it like?" Her whimsical greetings string together without breathing, "Are you a Wizard? Can you shoot fire? Can you…"
Alternative Names
Wizards, Mages, Weirdo (pejorative)
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