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Roue D'or

The longest-standing settlement in Miras, Roue D'or has grown to be one of the wealthiest regions in the world and the largest region on the sub-continent. Due to the Triskelion's presence in the city, Roue D'or became a prominent travel destination for mages of all cultures. Merchants and craftsmen were able to take advantage of the economic opportunity early into the Age of Regrowth (ER), and by 258 ER a Merchant Council was formed that would evolve into the Merchant Kings that rule today.


Mirisian, Roue D'ori, Mage, Merchant


Founded in 258 ER, the Merchant's Council was the first ruling body of the growing settlement. Members of the council consisted of local business owners who would attend gatherings representing their businesses and pass votes on details concerning the city. Due to the simple qualifications to join the Merchant's Council their numbers inflated immensely over the decades. In the late third century of the Age of Regrowth, a small number of wealthy craftsmen began buying businesses away from other council members due to a caveat of council law allowing them to pass votes for each business they own. By 420 ER twelve merchant clan families owned over 90% of all businesses with Roue D'or when they used their combined weight to dissolve the Merchant's Council.   On the First of Aramus, 421 ER the twelve clans officially declared themselves the new Merchant Kings of Roue D'or. The date was chosen to align with the starting day of the Naindier, the calendar used by the Triskelion. Over the centuries the Merchant Kings have ruled over a plutocratic oligarchy in moderate peace. Through careful coordination with the Triskelion, the new Kings controlled all aspects of the city from foreign trade to city planning.


Roue D'or is defended by multiple walls ringing the city. The first wall was built in the early 2nd century of the Age of Regrowth. As the city grew more walls were built to contain the new populations. While the city itself has its regiment of soldiers/guards, the walls of the city are mostly manned by mages from the tower.

Industry & Trade

Each of the twelve merchant clans controls its form of craft. These include:
  • Weapon Smith
  • Armorsmith
  • Carpentry
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Art
  • Tailor
  • Furrier
  • Gold/Silversmith
  • Shipwright
  • Cordwainer/Cobbler
  • StoneMason
  While these twelve crafts are heavily controlled by the clans, the farming and production of food goods are left self-governed after a brief period of food shortages following unwise regulations imposed by the Merchant Kings.


The oldest parts of the Roue D'or were built along the banks of the Echrin River where it meets its tributary, the Branler River. After the Triskelion was left intact after the destruction of the Towers of Magic, many new constructions were built growing the city closer to the tower. As many travelers moved to Roue D'or to from throughout the world to be closer to the Triskelion they brought the architectural styles of their homelands; the newer parts of the city contain many examples from Akaris to the south and Niseala to the east.   Throughout the city, various water installations can be found (man-made ponds, fountains, wells). An expansive sewer system was implemented in approximately 500 ER.
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