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"Tea here! Hot fresh tea made this hour!" The vendor barked over the roar of the Colosseum crowd.   "Over here," the Rosaran traveler waved the vendor to him. "Finally, I've been gone from home for so long. I've been needing some good tea, though I didn't expect to find some here." The man pays the vendor and is handed his craved prize from a portable heating plate. He sips from the hot cup without a glance and spits up the viscous yellow brew. "What the hell is this?" He scathed at the vendor," I thought you said this was tea?"   "It is, sir," the vendor rolled his eyes. Clearly, this wasn't his first unsatisfied customer. "It's Dagdaran tea. Welcome to the city. No refunds," The vendor waved past the man to his next customer.   The Rosaran frowned at the cup of molten cheese in his hand.
  Dagdara is known for many things; the colorful history of the Dagdaran Colosseum, the lovely House of Ladiline, and its long and lurid relationship with cheese in all of its solid and liquid forms. For many travelers, Dagdara is the last major stop on their pilgrimage to Saint Lena's Cathedral, but for those in the know, Dagdara is a hotspot for Fey activity.



Dagdara is a patriarchal monarchy continuously ruled by kings since its founding in 249 ER. Passing through several dynasties, the crown of Dagdara is currently held by the Royal House of Lérida. The ruling house of Dagdara once lived within Titam castle, but when House Lérida took control of the city in 707 ER, the family moved the royal residence south, outside of the city and off of the Dagdaran Peninsula. Titam Castle would soon after become Fort Titam, as the stone fortress is repurposed to hold the Dagdaran militia and function as a prison for high-profile criminals.   The Dagdaran military is broken into three major branches:  

City Guard

City Guardsmen are the police force for the City of Dagdara. The men and women of the guard patrol the city, respond to crimes, and are called upon when issues threaten the city's people and border.  

Provincial Militia

These soldiers patrol and defend the Country of Dagdara outside of the city. These militia members are distributed and guard the smaller towns and villages throughout the Dagdaran countryside and are the primary defense against foreign bodies and greater threats to the nation's security.  

The Luja

Luja Guard
Luja Guard by E. Jones
The Luja is the King's elite guard and personal police force. The Luja protect the royal family's home and guard their movements at home and abroad. The Luja also handles the city's most high-profile crimes, such as the arrest and imprisonment of the serial killer, Chaucer. To become a member of the Luja, a person must be promoted from either of the other two branches of the military. Rarely, the King of Dagdara may appoint someone directly to the Luja bypassing any military experience.  


  1. Widepass - The upper-class region is home to the elite.
  2. Titam - The government district. The original location of the King's castle.
  3. Harbor District - The trade district along Lake Merec. Most docks are here.
  4. Ridad District - The oldest region of the city. The Collosuem is located here.
  5. Cherry Way - This district is famous for the cherry wine that is sold here (though produced outside of the city).
  6. The Elms - The largest and poorest district. Always growing as more people move to Dagdara.

Major Landmarks

Dagdaran Colosseum, The gladiatorial arena is located in the Ridad District. A long history of champions runs strong among the community here, forming local heroes and idols from the games held within.   The House of Ladiline, The temple for the local goddess of love, Ladiline. Recently maligned when the Liderra was revealed to have been targeting and murdering orcs within the city.
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249 ER
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