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Dagovine Hill Roll (Dah-go-veen)

Kari rested her sword against the table and slipped off her slick rain cloak to hang it on the chairback. She brought a second chair closer to the fireplace to warm herself after the downpour.   "Hello, welcome to Rock n' Roof. Would you like anything to eat or drink?" A stocky boy asked her while approaching from the counter.   "Yes, please. Some water and bread for now- Oh. Some soup, actually, if you have any," Kari sat up in her chair. Her feet squished in her boots and she held back a grimace. "I'd also like to reserve a room for a few days?"   "Certainly, we have one room left. Are you staying for the Hill Roll too?" the boy asked taking a notepad from his waist to note Kari's order.   "I'm sorry, I'm not from the area. The what?"   "I'm sorry, miss. I thought you were in from Dagdara. The Hill Roll. This time of year that's why most of our customers are here."

Get Ready to Tumble

Dagovine's local competition, the Hill Roll is a popular annual event held for any to attend. The core of the event is quite simple, from the top of Belltooth Hill the contestants will line up at the starting line. At precisely noon an officiant will roll a cheese wheel down the hill signifying the start of the race. Whoever can reach the bottom of the hill first and pick up the cheese wheel wins the race.  
"That sounds a bit dangerous. Do people get hurt?" Kari asks.   "Oh yeah. Every time."   "And why cheese?"   "Um," the boy pauses to think. "I'm not sure. Because it rolls and bounces, I suppose. Maybe it’s easier to see?"   Kari sips a spoonful of the stew brought to her. "That is ridiculous. Why would anyone do that?"
  Since its creation in 818 ER, Brais Belltooth has sponsored the event by providing the prize and sole incentive of the Hill Roll, an enchanted item from his collection. Once a prolific adventurer himself, Brais spends his retirement in Dagovine sitting on a large collection of artifacts from his travels. Magic items being as uncommon as they are, many would-be adventurers see the competition as a chance to start a step ahead of the rest. The prize for each event is kept secret until a winner is declared, but the artifact itself is always extremely valuable.   When interviewed on why he chose a downhill race as the premise of his charity, Brais simply stated:  
It's funny to watch them fall down.
  Belltooth Hill is a long, steep incline, so injuries are commonplace at the events. Dislocated joints and broken bones will receive first aid on-site from the town doctor. Any spectating magical healers in attendance are encouraged to volunteer if necessary.  

What are the Rules?

  1. The contestants must wait one second after the cheese hits the ground before starting down the hill.
  2. No magic enhancements.
  3. The cheese must be held in both hands to be declared as the winner.
  4. Punching and kicking other contestants is encouraged.

Kari looked down from the top of the hill and swallowed. That's further than I expected, she thought. A woman next to Kari brushed her shoulder. "First time, eh? It's my fifth go. Not to discourage you, but I'm pretty sure this is my year." The woman smiled and Kari couldn't help from staring at the holes where her missing teeth once were.   "Everyone ready!" the officiant yelled loud for everyone in the audience, including Brais Belltooth who sat at the bottom of the hill in an ornate bergère upon a small stage. "GO!"   The cheese rolled a few feet before bouncing off of a grass mound and the racers took off along with Kari. Her foot slipped in the mud on the second step. Shit, it's still wet from the rain, Kari screamed inside while she tumbled head over heel down the hill. Other racers struggled to stand back up and some fights broke out.   I'm already down, might as well make it worth it. Kari tucked in her arms and embraced her tumble. She rolled under other racers knocking them over. She rolled over rocks, one striking her face. Soon she landed at the bottom of the hill and she scrambled for the cheese wheel. The woman from before was also at the base and coming up from behind Kari.   The two women ducked for the cheese and Kari dodged a swing from the other woman. The crowds began to cheer before Kari even realized she held the cheese in her hands. Thrusting it in the air, the officiant whistled to announce the end of the race.   Brais Belltooth stood from his platform and carried a long cloth-wrapped object with him. Belltooth spoke with a thick Dagdaran accent that didn't match his face, "Well done, miss. You showed some good form. The prize is yours." He unwrapped the gleaming sword and held it up in his hand. Once aloft, it burst into flames. "I once slew a behir with this blade. I hope it aids you well."   When Kari held her new blade she smiled uncontrollably, showing off her new missing tooth as well.
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Past Prizes:

830 - Flaming Longsword
829 - Immovable Rod
828 - Bag of Holding
827 - Helm of Strength
826 - Goggles of Night
825 - Freezing Longbow

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