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Form of lapidary specialiing in cutting and polishing of high quality adstrumite into sidumar or adstrum gems. Recognizade as one of the most dangerous and most respected trades in Andellion.



Becoming a strumarist requires one to first become a lapidary (someone who cuts gemstones) with a jewel-cutting guild affiliated with the illustrious adstrumite-cutting guilds such as the Adstrumian Guild of Fyron and Athor or the Strum-stone Cutter's Guild of Kerdaante.

Career Progression

Once one has mastered the art of cutting regular stones to perfection, either by hand or using an appropriate Knack or Talent, they must pass harsh trials in order to join the exclusive strumarist guilds. They must further follow rigourous trainings in order not to be blown up by the process and learn how to work in near-to-total darkness and cold. Due to the Ejii'aari's tolerance to cold temperatures they are often preferred candidates, although humans with particular powers also abund within the guilds.

Payment & Reimbursement

The professionals are well-paid and can become quite wealthy.

Other Benefits

Strumarists are usually well-respected due to the nature of their work.



The goal of strumarists is to optimize the area-to-volume ratio of uncut adstrumite in order to allow it to fulfill different functions as efficiently as possible.

Social Status

Societal perception is favourable in countries that favour sidumar-based technology. In these societies, the exclusitivity and power of the guilds render them akin to legends.



Slab saw
Trim saw
Wheel grinder
Belt sander
Polishing agent
Tweezers/small prongs


Adstrumite, water, oil, abrasive agents.


Usually very dark workspaces, lined in conductive adstrumite circuits to contain energy blast if anything goes wrong.

Provided Services

Cutting adstrumites to sidumar.

Dangers & Hazards

Breaking a stone can make it release its stored energy via an explosion.

Alternative Names
Adstrumite cutter, cutter, lapidarist, lapidary
Extremely on demand, as it allows Andellians to process the resource on Andellion instead of having to rely on the Ejii'aari Enclave.

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