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The room was lit by the powerful magic currently flowing all over the patient on the table. He'd suffered a blow to the head and had fallen unconscious, his mom brought him straight to the most powerful healing magica in the town.
  The profession called sorcerers includes everyone who is employed for their magic, whether it be a war magic, a healing magic or a building magic. Usually sorcerers were either self-employed or they worked for richer families. The self-employed ones often specialized in one type of magic, but essentially one could ask them for any service.   The very best position a sorcerer could have was the position as court sorcerer, this meant that they were directly employed by the royal family, and their salary was not small. Since the destruction of the shrines, no one has been able to have their magic unlocked. So there are only extremely old magic-users left, though most are dead.  


To be able to work as a Magica, one has to have proof that they have magic. That isn't very hard as they can literally just perform it infront of whoever wants to employ them. The magical individual also has to be at least 23 years of age, as they have had enough education by then to be good enough at magic.

Price and payment

The price of magic varies quite a lot. The village sorcerers take less for their work and do many tasks for free, just for the good of their community. Sorcerers in the cities can charge more for their services, because they're in high demand. They are usually paid in money, sometimes they're paid in magical items they can use for their work or mastering magic.


Extremely rare


Very important

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