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A fickle peace has grown between the humans and the Iwachi, for now they aren't fighting. For now. But even though the two countries of Edrea and Ildres are talking peace, something is rotten on the inside.   The Ambassador of Ildres is found murdered inside his private rooms in the castle of the humans, this spikes tension. The king and queen are taken in the dark of night and soon the castle and the city is overrun by enemies, both human and Iwachi.   The crown princess flees the castle, her friends and the daughter of the Ambassador hot on her heels. With nowhere to go and a prize on her head, Zuree trecks into the forest, not sure if she'll ever see her home, her parents or an end to the invasion of her beloved country.


  • Map of The continent of Morlea

    The continent of Morla with towns and cities drawn in. The only distinction between the coutnries are the colors of the pins. Green for Ildres and red for Edrea.

  • Map of Wodila'hei
  • Map of Aslann Family Tree
  • Map of Map of the Shrine of Aralican

    This map shows the entirety of the Shrine of Alcaran from above.

  • Map of Bechlea Map

    A map over Bechlea, the capital city of the Kingdom of Edrea.