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The magic in Morlea is gone.

  Two species, the humans and the Iwachi, have gone head to head in wars for hundreds of years. Now they're trying to make peace, but at the peace negotiations, an emissary is assassinated.   War is once again on the horizon and there seems to be no easy solution for our heroes.

Table of Contents


  • Map of The continent of Morlea

    The continent of Morla with towns and cities drawn in. The only distinction between the coutnries are the colors of the pins. Green for Ildres and red for Edrea.

  • Map of Arcmore

    Map made with "Medieval Fantasy City Generator" by watabou

  • Map of Wodila'hei
  • Map of Aslann Family Tree
  • Map of Map of the Shrine of Aralican

    This map shows the entirety of the Shrine of Alcaran from above.

  • Map of Ishodera

  • Map of The Magicae Tower of Dimilnen

    Made in it's entirety by Ninne124 (me) :D

  • Map of Bechlea Map

    A map over Bechlea, the capital city of the Kingdom of Edrea.