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The magic in Morlea is gone, it has been unreachable for over a hundred years. It's not that the magic has vanished, but the humans and Iwachi cannot unlock the ability to control the magical energy in their surroundings anymore. People are literally bursting due to built up magic inside of their bodies and it has fatal consequences.   Most of the shrines used to unlock magic were ruined under the first and second great war between the humans and iwachi, those that weren't destroyed do not work anymore. Arkna, the goddess of the world, has taken away their abilities to unlock the gateway within a person and the last shrine left with power has been hidden from the mortals, because of the resent she felt as she watched them ruin the world and one another.   A fickle peace has grown between the two races and their respective nations on the continent of Morlea. But then the Iwachi ambassador is killed in the human kingdom of Edrea while there on a diplomatic mission. The very same night, the king and queen of Edrea are taken in the dark of night and soon the castle and the city is overrun by enemies, both human and Iwachi.   Crown princess Zuree flees the castle, with her friends and the daughter of the Ambassador in tow. With nowhere to go and a prize on her head, Zuree trecks into the forest, not sure if she'll ever see her home, her parents or an end to the invasion of her beloved country. At the same time, weird things start to happen, almost as if not only Zuree's world but the actual world is breaking apart at the seams.


  • Map of The continent of Morlea

    The continent of Morla with towns and cities drawn in. The only distinction between the coutnries are the colors of the pins. Green for Ildres and red for Edrea.

  • Map of Wodila'hei
  • Map of Aslann Family Tree
  • Map of Map of the Shrine of Aralican

    This map shows the entirety of the Shrine of Alcaran from above.

  • Map of The Magicae Tower of Dimilnen

    Made in it's entirety by Ninne124 (me) :D

  • Map of Bechlea Map

    A map over Bechlea, the capital city of the Kingdom of Edrea.