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The Grand Historians

Wise sages who travel the lands of Ustril, due to the fact that none of the races remember the origins of the world these historians are tasked with finding out this lost information.



Must have studied the known history of Ustril for at least half a century, in addition each Grand Historian must make a pilgrimage to each major capitol in Ustril, Finally each Grand Historian is required to read every book in the great library of Raka'loo located in the vast center desert of Karoo

Career Progression

In order to possibly become a Grand Historian, a person must first be selected by the head of their respected school as a highly intelligent student who has great potential to absorb the worlds knowledge and find out how the world was created, next they must travel to Raka'loo the city of knowledge to complete their other qualifications.

Payment & Reimbursement

Grand Historians are not payed for their work, most consider the knowledge that they learn and have access to as payment enough for all of work that they do. But what allows them to travel and gain more knowledge is the Mark of the Grand, this is an exclusive brand that rests on the eye of a Grand Historian which allows them free stay at any home or inn as well as free meals where they stay.

Other Benefits

Other than the benefits offered by the Mark of the Grand, when Grand Historians are recognized they are treated with the highest of respect. In order to benefit all of the races in Ustril, it is against all races laws to harm or kill a grand Historian, if one is to do so the punishment is of the highest of consequences, they are first excommunicated from all churches then killed in public via burning at the stake.

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