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In a world where all have voices, it isn't unique for some to find that they have talent at manipulating the Word. However, having a voice does not make one a Speaker. Being a Speaker, of course, doesn't give one the ability to say anything worth saying. These few who can Speak with purpose are called Mancers. They have the ability to shape the raw energy of the primordial Word into spells.   There are many types of mancers, including those who specialize in the study of the Word, those who wield it as a weapon or a fine tool, and mancers who carry the raw energy of the Word within their bodies as if a muscle or bone. The art of Speaking is not limited to those who have the spark at birth, though.   Some mancers gain their abilities by channeling the power of a divine being. These theurgists include those who wield divine fire, those who can bring to bear the power of natural spirits, and even those who have torn their magic from the shadows beyond the universe.



The first step in becoming a mancer is usually discovering an inborn talent. Without the spark, the voice, it is impossible to become a mancer.   For one to become a full-fledged mancer, a person must undergo some sort of training. Most who possess the talent attend an academy, school, or other institution.   Many governments and institutions grant licenses. These licenses are greatly coveted by those who claim the ability to Speak.

Payment & Reimbursement

Many groups will pay dearly for the services of a licensed mancer, whether that mancer specializes in defensive, offensive, or subterfuge magic. Those who aren't paid with currency for their services are often offered other means of compensation.



Most mancers carry some sort of focus. Their talents almost always require something more than the concentration of the mancer in question, and these foci are usually in the form of wands, staves, and crystals of all sorts and shapes.
Alternative Names
Speaker, Wordsmith

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