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Academy Hero

edited by Head Archivist Octavian

This is the official position at the Academy with multiple different ranks. They work at Legend's Castle and around the world to protect the world from dangers the average person can't solve.



They don't have any qualifications. People can either apply or be hand picked by the professors at the academy. Chosen individuals must pass what is called an Entrance Exam from there they are allowed to proceed to Associate status.

Career Progression

The entry level rank is an Academy Associate. They are in this position for two years and at any time maybe let go. The next rank is an Academy Member where they are in this position for four years. Then they are consider an Academy Graduate or Hero. Most tend to stay at this position unless they go to become a professor.

Other Benefits

They receive access to all services, libraries, and equipment from the Imperium.


Social Status

They are awful people that disrupt the local cultures and lives of people They are known world wide to assist civilians with any issue that they may have. This sets them apart from the common folk and local officials. Having this profession is a great service to the world and valued by many children as their perfect job when their older.


Student (Under Graduate) Population: 65 41% Human: 26 23% Wolvan: 15 7% Aravitourus: 4 16% Scion: 10 5% Orc: 3 5% Elf: 3 3% Fexian: 2 1% Otterain: 1   These are approximations. We do not have the numbers for their graduates at this time due to our relationship with the Academy.


Dangers & Hazards

Traveling the world poses many dangers. There are to many list, but I assume you can fill in the gaps.

Phf, Most of them are damn idiots... Sorry, I try to give helpful bits of facts, but these people rarely actually do anything of value. They always get in my way and think they can run through the archives like they own the place. Ugh I hate them.
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High Demand
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