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Imperium Archives

13 Sunus, 3466

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Welcome to the Imperium Archives!   I'm Archivist Renna and I've worked for the Imperium Archives to do research on the history, geography, and culture of the world. I hope you find what you're looking for and if you have trouble either call me over and I can help find it. If you have a question feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you on any historical questions you may have.   Maps are still an issue currently. Once we are able to dedicate more time to reconstructing the library, we will bring more here for your study.   NOTICE: Timeline and dates were updated, so numbering on many events and characters will be off. Sorry for the inconvenience     Current Project: Magic In the World and Beyond   Magic has been a topic which has not been covered within our entries enough. This update will enlighten you about spells, magic, histories, people, and more. With so many topics to cover, w will do a little bit of each to ensure your magical education is sufficient for researching within the archives.   Characters: 2 / ???   Laws: 1 / ~5   Locations: 0 / ~4   Organizations: 1 / 3   Professions: 1 / ~7   Conditions: 1 / ???   Next Project: Imperium Law and Life   So please let me know if I can be of assistance.   If you are new Start Here!


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  • Map of Map of the Continent

    Map of the political landscape of the known world. Pins will be added relating to cities, land formations, battles, events, headquarters, and location of people.