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Introduction to the Imperium Archives


First of all welcome to this world. As its author wanted to explain a few things before you get reading. First, all the articles are written in the perspective of a group of archivists that work for the Aulus Imperium. Anything that they discuss doesn't mean it’s true or completely factual. Secondly, I will normally response to posts that do not deal with lore. If you have a lore-based question, I use the Archivist Renna account that I share to answer the question in a canon way. Finally, the character, Archivist Renna, translates "her work" into English, but that doesn't mean she writes all of it. Some of her coworkers help with that as listed in their respective sections. Let me know if you have any questions about the above topics
— Eofa
  Welcome to the Imperium Archives. Here we archive our research and history into this place for readers like you, to enjoy our history and culture. In this introductory article, we will discuss some basic knowledge to help you get started, so you can start anywhere on the site.  


  Expert: Archivist Glenhook   There are a total 15 different sapien races just on our continent and there are likely many more that we have yet to discover. They are broken up into 5 Imperium classifications: Ascension, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Fallen. Each has their own qualifications, but generally, its an inverted pyramid starting with primary and ends will have fallen. The top has the most population and influence while the bottom lacks both a population and influence. Ascension implies that the race has the influence of a primary but does not have the population to be ranked.   To find out more, go here: Introduction to Races  


  Sapien Geography Expert: Head Archivist Octavian   Physical Geography Expert: Archivist Windsail   Geography can influence the way we choose to live and how the world's culture develops. With many regions, cities, landforms, and historical sites; there should be plenty of information for you to browse through. Our continent, Tornaka, is massive where majority of known land is part of Tornaka. However, there is some differences that you may not understand as a foreigner.  

Our World and Yours

  Unlike the world you are from, we do not have what you call seasons. The climate is the same year-round and thus we don't have planting and harvest seasons. We grow food year around as a result. Temperatures remain constant which makes some areas completely uninhabitable.   It takes one full year for our moon to rotate our world. Thus, are tides and other natural phenomena are different.   Hopefully this will help integrate yourself with the articles.   To find out more, go here : Basic Geography of the Imperium  


  Expert: Librarian Vella   Magic is certainly different than most have experienced. There are six subsections of magic under two sections. Each type of magics has its own properties and can only be used by certain people.   The Cycle Magics are made up of Life / Arcane magic and Death / Necromancy. Death Magic can only be used by creatures without souls. While Life magic requires a soul.   Celestial Magics are made up of Solar and Lunar Magics. Every person in the world is born either during the day or during the night. Depending on the time will determine the type of magic from this section one will get. Born during the day, one will get solar magic. Born during the night, one will get lunar magic. Both magics are learnable by everyone.   Elemental Magics are made up of two sections, water and fire. This requires intensive training and is considered a dance and martial art.   Illumination Magics are the overarching magics of the other six. Light consists of life, solar, and fire while dark consists of death, lunar, and water. These are the most difficult to learn and impossible to master.   We recommend you start with The Balance of Magic to learn more.  


  Expert: Librarian Tatius   The factions of the world are very important in understanding the world. Here are some of the most important facts that you need to know.   Aulus Imperium is the most powerful country in the world that has about 50% of the total of the continent. They are nearly apart of every situation in every part of the known world.   The Academy is an organization separate but closely related to the Imperium. They train exceptional people to act as defenders of the weak and slayers of evil.   The Dwhren Network is a secret organization that has their eyes everywhere. If you need to know something, they can find it.   Scion's Circle is a powerful yet small magical organization whose goal is to protect the world from a disaster called the Never Ending Crisis. They are dedicated to ensuring that it never returns again. Nearly all organizations in the world heed their words.   We do not have an introductory article yet, but we will soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.  


  Expert: Librarian Mozarg   History is happening everyday and it's our job to record it in an unbiased fashion in order to ensure our descendants can make accurate decisions for their future. Due to the lack of funding we haven't gotten time to bring it over here yet, but we do have a few places where you can read history that may not be solely historical events.  
  1. The race articles have large sections of history.
  2. The factions sections have vast sections of the histories of certain countries and organizations.
  3. Check the timelines, they have some events you could browse through
  4. Some of the people have long histories as well.
  As of right now The War of Despair is the only current section of history that we have worked on. We plan to add more in the future.  

People and Culture

  Expert: None   While the cultures have not been as much a priority for sometime, we hope to expand with area of records here. Due to the lack of expert, generally it's up to the rest of us to fill in the gaps when we can. However, there are many articles on some important individuals throughout our home. Take a look and see what historical and present day figures catch your interest.  
I hope you enjoy the work we put into this. While the Eurrusius Bloodline sees this as waste of resources, we hope to quickly prove them wrong.   Update: The Emperor appreciates that his family is the most popular article in the archives.
— Archivist Renna

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3 Dec, 2018 22:19

I always really appreciate it when someone writes from the perspective of someone who lives in a place. It can be very complicated, and a challenge, but fun to do and read.

3 Dec, 2018 22:24

I completely agree! It gives them more character and can expand your world without directly telling your reader.

22 Jan, 2019 09:35

I have a question. I rather like your heraldry, where did you get it? And did you get it for free? Did you design them yourself or? I only ask because I could use som heraldry myself.

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Thanks! I used a free tool online to make it. Here's the link :

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Thank you, good sir

9 Mar, 2020 13:52

I've started to read even though it's just a tiny part and wholy crap! It's truly amazing and if you're running any campaign this sort of in-cannon archive/reference is amazing rather than having an out-of-cannon reference like I do. Great work!

10 Mar, 2020 00:08

Thank you for the praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it.