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The Dwhren Network

The Dwhren Network is a network of information controlled by a mysterious man named the Dwhren.


The Dwhren runs all operations within their influence. We don't know if Dwhren is his actual name, or it's a alias, but he is powerful.   He has a list of agents called Eyes which give him information in exchange for a payment. These people will also locate and find need information that the Dwhren requests as well. While not loyal to him, he is however very influential and breaking his code will result in their disappearance. It's said he pays well for all little rumors and facts.   When someone breaks the code, they will disappear. The people who does this are called the Hands. They enforce and execute his will. These people are rarely used and only used to keep the organization secret. Occasionally he will send them to get involved as such with the Crisis of 898, so what ever his intentions are, they are not evil.   His last set of underlings are his Legs or Legates. They are his voice and ears. This is the main way to get in direct contact with him. If anyone wants to make a deal for information, they go through these people. It's said that one message goes through several legs in order to hide the identity and location of the Dwhren.

Public Agenda

The Dwhren is never made his true intentions know, but as acted in the best interest of the world. He assisted the Imperium with the Crisis of 898 which would have destabilized the Imperium and the world if it wasn't stopped.


The Dwhren is an information broker. He can provide or locate any detail or fact that his clients desire, for a price of course.


The Dwhren first appeared in the beginning of the 4th Era in the Imperium's dictated history about four hundred years ago. Other then that, little is known about him and his organization.
While we pride ourselves with our dedication to the protection of the work stored here. The network has infiltrated us multiple times to remove, edit ,and sometime add information.
— Archivist Renna
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
The Network

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