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The Balance of Magic

Magic is broken up into two hemispheres Light and Dark, each accumulation of the weaker forms of magic. Magic itself is limitless. In truth one's potential could be limitless and the combinations of these magics and lead to surprising results.   Light Magic consists of three distinct section of magic, Life or Arcane, Solar, and Fire. Dark Magic also has three sections of magic, Death or Necromancy, Lunar, and Water. Each section of magic is part of it's own coin. This makes each side connected, so by using one you are using the opposite of the other.   Life magic comes from within the soul of every living creature. the stronger this soul, the more potential of it to be able to harness and control this coin of magic. This is what is more traditionally considered magic in the world, but not the only. This is also the most flexible portion of magic. It can be focused into many different shapes and properties. Death Magic, can't be used by living creatures. It is process of controlling the soul, but while this may seem simple, the underling process makes it impossible to use this form of magic. When using this magic, the user must touch another soul with life magic, but when two souls touch they share magic. This is still Life magic, but when a is used in the same way, but the user doesn't have a soul then the touched soul can be control to whatever the user desires.   Solar and Lunar magics can be available to all creatures. When born into existence their soul is attuned to whether the Sun or the Moon is out in the sky. The Sun and Moon, both are sources of magic that radiant onto their world when they are out and in so they get that affinity. Solar Affinity has magic that heals and protects others. Lunar Affinity, uses the magic to deceive and manipulate the world.   Fire and Water magic are the manipulate the elements. Each need a source of water or fire to be used them. Water magic can be pulled from any source of water, but only a clear mind can truly master this art. Fire is the mastery of emotion and chaos, and in this way is the most difficult magic to control out of the six advanced magics.   Each of these coins are fractions of their mother/father magics of Light and Dark which together creates Raw Magic, the most chaotic form of magic.


Magic is the manifestation of energy in the world. Everyone can feel it in different ways such as the eerie feeling in the dark or the warm light from the sun. Every person's soul can feel this magic and some with the right training or gift and use it. While this may seem widespread, but only very few people can use it at a level of usefulness other then warming their hands or causing a small blink of light.

The key rules of magic.

  1. Every person has a soul, so this means everyone is affected by magic.   2. Magic can help just as much as harm no matter the discipline.   3. To understand magic, you must see it as a coin.   4. Opposing magics are not compatible.   5. Inherently all magic is connected, one can affect the other.  


  Being able to cast specific types of magic requires using different forms of magic to create the desired magic. Here are some of the requirements for each.   Life: A strong connection soul   Solar: A connection to your soul and the ability to draw power form your emotions.   Fire: The ability to use your emotions   Death: Requires No soul now the caster   Lunar: Suffering and a clear mind   Water: The ability to suppress your emotions

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