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The War of Despair

The War of Despair was the first conflict after the Never Ending Crisis. This was not merely a political battle between two nations, but a battle of ideologies between two factions. This was a fight to determine the growth of the world for the next thousand years.


This story is about putting faith in the risky option, to "take a chance". The general tone would be darker, but the tone changes based on what the heroes and Dantus has done. A push and pull battle until a tone and thus represents one side winning. This is all about the battle between good and evil in a very traditional sense. One side is good the other bad. However, it’s not the sides that are clouded, but the people in-between. Do they want to fight for this side or the other and is this the right path to their goal? This is not a story about " I'm fighting the wrong fight", but more of "are the steps I take worth it?"



With the end of the Never Ending Crisis the world was in a state of disrepair. The Scion's Circle had disbanded nearly all its members except their six leaders. The people of the world began make their own choices and life and thus left a large power vacuum. When a scion by the name of Dantus with his followers called the Embrace came, they took that void. In a few years they rose up in society and soon dominated society in many nations in the world.   It wasn't long before the someone would oppose this new darkness.



This is generally how our heroes came to defeat him.   1. Bring together a group of remarkable magic users.   2. Establish an organized group to resist the Embrace.   3. Decrease the Embrace's influence while increasing our own.   4. Find Dantus's base of operations   5. Eliminate Dantus


Each character has their own motivations for wanting to stop Dantus. Check their character article to really know more, but the following are something they all would want.   The Embrace has created a world where people feared for their lives. At a moment's notice a family member could disappear to help the "cause" or be out right killed to be a part of a necromancy project. The times during the Never Ending Crisis were worse, but as time goes on, it would return. It can't be allowed to return.   Dantus, after his initial conquests, suddenly disappeared from public eye. He's up to something and if someone doesn't stop him, then it may be too late to stop him.


The entire world with everything inside it is at stake. If Dantus brings about another crisis then who knows how long until the world can be free again. This isn’t the main stake however. Everyone knows this could happen, but the Embrace's grip on the world is what matters the most. If they are not stopped their grip will strengthened to the point where they will control all aspects of society. Freedom will become a forgotten dream that no one will know that feeling.

Moral Quandaries

Fighting Dantus's forces require to make choices that go against what they believe. Killing some to save many. How valuable is one person? Are they worth sacrificing hundreds? Most of the Embrace's forces are not loyal to their cause. Is killing them still okay? Who is to say one power if better than the other (Scion's Circle vs Embrace). Can they trust Aurora or is it worth leaving her to Dantus to protect their cause? These questions will plague the minds of our heroes before their fight is over.

Red Herrings

The Scion's Circle seems to have let the Embrace rise to power. Are our heroes sure that they didn't let that happen?   What is Aurora's allegiance?   Dantus is planning for something. What that is has yet to be known, but could spell doom for them.




While I think structuring this like a story is a bit unorthodox, but it still helps catalog our history. The War of Despair setup our world after the Never Ending Crisis. Each decision they made affected how our world would be in the future. who knows the future would look like if Dantus lived.
— Archivist Renna

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Author's Notes

Whelp this is my last article for Summer Camp. It was a lot of fun and thanks to all the people who followed and like the articles related to it. The Archives will be heading to our next project of this story. So if you liked this then more content about this will be coming soon.

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