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Celestial Magics

Solar and Lunar Magics are created by the Sun and Moon in the sky. When a person is born their soul is touched by this magic and altered slightly. This gives them the ability to use this source of magic while blocking the other side of magic. The magics are very special in that to use them effectively you must have a basic understanding of the other two sibling magics, the Cycle and Elemental Magics. Techniques from both are used to preform basic spells.   Solar Magic is very powerful in the right hands. A person with Solar Affinity has the ability to use this type of magic. The magic is used mostly to create light, heal and create powerful wards that protect against lunar magics. This magic is very protective and defensive which should be considered when using it. While spells that are made for the sole purpose of hurting someone would not be as effective as spell made by the lunar or life magics. It's important to consider this when using this magic. Most commonly users are healers or and powerful knights. While most people can only produce a small light, it's very common with enough practice to cure some sicknesses.   Lunar Magic is special and needs a keen mind to use it effectively. This magic is based around great displays of magic and extensions. As a result, it's also refereed to as the illusionist magics because of those unique properties. It can create images, places, visions of other things, people, and places. Invisibility is common among powerful users along with teleportation and poisons. For example, teleportation is considered a life magic. With Lunar Magic, one can alter it to be extended further or increase in size. Lunar magic alone is used for it's illusions and it's curses to weaken their opponents.


It has no natural world occurrence since it comes from the Sun and Moon. Any other appearance would be an enchantment or used by a person with these affinities.   Solar Magic usually can be seen as golden light. It will always appear is if it came from the sun without the harsh blinding effects similar to the solar body.   Lunar Magic is usually shown as a starry sky or a moon is the spell is cast with a circle. In either scenario, disrupting or destroying lunar based spells or enchantments results in it shattering like a mirror.   In nearly all cases, people are either born with Solar or Lunar Affinity. In highly rare cases, children born during either the Solar or Lunar eclipses can be was is called an Eclipsed or Eclipse Affinity. Instead of being connected excursively to either solar or lunar magics, the Eclipsed has access to both and will have more strength on one type of affinity depending on the type of eclipse.

"Very under appreciated type of magic. While many people can use it, most people never tap into it and are afraid of it. As someone who practices Solar Magic, its shameful more don't try and learn."
— - Archivist Renna
Metaphysical, Divine

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Cover image: The Sun and Moon by yuumei


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