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Introduction to Magic

Magic is use in all levels of society and used to extreme lengths. Thus, it is arguably the most important concept in the world to understand. Study this well.
— Archivist Vella


  In general magic is an abundant resource that emanates across all things in existence. Creatures living, or dead have some sort of magic around them. Understand that magic is everywhere and to have a magicless void would not be possible. As a result, there are multiple sources of magic throughout the world that produce it. Magic is cast through this way. Spells don't create amazing effects out of thin air, it's the magic present that allows them to be created.

Types of Magic


Light Magic

  • Arcane
  • Solar
  • Fire

Dark Magic

  • Death
  • Lunar
  • Water


  Souls are the simplest form of magical sources that produce life magic. This arcane source only occurs through living creatures.   Decay is an effect of dissipating life magic. It produces a sludge of necrotic magic that produces death magic.   Scion's Glades are sources of the purest magic known as Raw Magic. While not purely magic, it is a mixture of water and magic which gives it a unique property to in general produce magic.   The Celestial Bodies such as the Sun and Moon, are sources of magic that emanate to our plane. Our plane is consistently pelleted by this magic daily.   Water and Fire are sources of their magic. Fire burns away the source's magic to produce its own while water never loses or gains magic. It is constant, so as long as there is water, there is magic.  

Spell Casting

  The Balance of Magic should be your starting point in understanding basic spelling from the book, Nora's Guide to Spellcraft . However, there are a few key facts that you should understand before delving further.   Basic spell casting requires a focus for most users with it being a stone to an enchanted weapon. This works only for simple bests, but more complex and powerful spells require a spell book or scrolls to be cast effectively.  

Physical Manifestations of Magic

  The Physical Manifestation of Magic are legendary creatures that uniquely exist and live forever unless slain. These beings are true manifestations of their magic and can use it to their full potential. They keep the balance between each other to prevent one of more magics from disrupting the world's balance. Tipping one way or another can destroy an entire plane. It is known that every plane with magic as their own Manifestations.   Manifestation of Life: Yenkisavias : The Phoenix Of Life : She is a powerful magic user that was once worshiped across the continent. However, she was killed a few hundred years ago which also broke the religion around her. Today she is reincarnated into a sapien creature as her representation.   Manifestation of Death: Barcinturattan : The Dragon of Death: He is a dangerous creature that has built a cult around him that is bent on the killing others to extend one's own life. While he was a prominent figure it politics, he has lately went into seclusion.   Manifestation of Solar: Lezantarus: The Griffon of the Sun: He is the creature that lights the day around the world. As he flies around our plane, he blesses the world with magic from his rays. With a very dedicated religious following, he has yet to meet with his worshipers other then the Sun's Child.   Manifestation of Lunar: Syacanna: The Fox of the Moon: Syacanna chases after Lezantarus through the sky as he flies, desperately desiring the light he give off. However, her own moon light night touches the world with her own magic. It is said that she walks among the lesser creatures of the world disguised as their own to cause mischief among them.   Manifestation of the Elements: ResUnFenaBa:The Hydra of Nature: A once great being that was forced to separate it's body into four snakes representing the elemental powers of the world. Now it is unknown where these other beings live, but they do protect wherever they domain.

Magic is a complicated topic and takes years of studying to master. Do not get discouraged if you get confused. We are here to help in anyway we can.
— Archivist Renna

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