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Raw Magic

Note: we are archivists, not magicians of experimental magics. We are not experts nor able to fully understand these concepts.   Raw magic is the base form of magic of the other eight. All magics have their roots from raw magic and it ls a one way conversion. For example: Raw magic and be turned into Solar magic, but can't be reversed.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Raw magic is very unpredictable. In it's liquid or solid form it can suddenly explode into one of the other eight magics then proceed to unleash it's magic a second time. When it is stable, it can be safely conversed into the over forms.

Origin & Source

Raw Magic comes from what we believe is The Dreamscape.

History & Usage


Raw Magic was coined in Nora's Guide to Spellcraft in her first edition and third edition. Raw Magic was known about for years, but not identified as a separate magic to the other eight.


Refinement is required for magical or alchemic uses. The best form is it's liquid form were it can be ingested into the body [NOT RECOMMENDED] or mixed into potions of sorts. Generally it can't be refined unless there is already refined material nearby. It can be focused into the same the material to make more of it.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Byproducts are produced all the time. It process goes on when magic is used. We don't know how this works. Breaking it a part creates the other magics, but making converting it into other forms purifies it. The concept to us is still very odd. We hope to explore this further.


Very powerful magic, but unpredictable... Octavian advised me to tell you to go and talk with some of the Scion's Circle on this topic. They have been looking into this for years and we don't really understand how this substance works.
— Archivist Renna
Cotton candy
Light Turquoise
Boiling / Condensation Point
283.15 K
Melting / Freezing Point
227.6 K
Common State
Related Locations
Related Species

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