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The Unicorn

The Unicorn is a magical creature that is attuned to light magic. The creature is very rare and is near extinction.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They generally have an appearance of the natural creature called a horse. These horse-like creatures are almost always white fur which sparkles with magic. On their head there is a two-foot-long horn that is a spiral to a sharp point. This is the source of their power. Removing the horn will kill it instantly.

Genetics and Reproduction

They are not born through genetic reproduction. Instead when a child is born by true love, so a unicorn is born far away from society. This is a mere rumor. From what our researchers have found is that they are somehow tied to the light blessed, but we cannot prove the theory.

Ecology and Habitats

These creatures are reflected in stories to only be seen in The Great Reaching Woods. This is a myth and can be seen all over the world no matter the environment to an extent. They are a terrestrial creature and such an aquatic environment is not suitable.   In their desired home, they will have a set territory that is several miles in diameter and never strays out unless it's forced.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Just like many magical creatures, they need magic to live. While the Scion's Circle has not confirmed this, we believe they need the Scion's Glade to refresh themselves. Why they are tied to these locations is unknown, but just like scions, they need magic.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Unicorns are solitary creatures and prefer the company of a maiden or bachelor depending of the gender of the Unicorn. They always prefer the opposite sex. If two unicorns would meet, a likely battle would ensue of dominion of the area that would result in.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Sadly, their horns and skin are valued among many as powerful arcane resources. The uses can are nearly universal among many crafts and professions. Here are some examples that they could be used as an ingredient.  


    Several potions and ointments can be improved by the unicorn's horn. In general, it's used as an improvement to nearly all potions with such a few grains, but the here are some below that have unique effects. Here are some examples.   Lover's Kiss: adding two pinches of ground up unicorn horn to improve its strength.   Truth's Words: adding shaved horn in will increase the amount of words from 50 to 100.   Aid: Adding one pinch of unicorn horn dust will make it an Improved Aid Potion.   Light's Guidance: An entire unicorn horn is used for creation   Curse: 1/2 a horn is used for creation.   Aulan Paste: adding one pinch will cure any infected wound.    

Jewelry and Cloths

    Rare parts of creatures make valuable trinkets to high bidders. These are illegal in many nations due to their properties and under the concord.   Maiden's Dream:   Price: 10,000   The necklace is solely made from the horn from a male unicorn and thus has magical properties for only young females. The properties vary from person to person, but generally improve their charisma and perception.   Bachelor's Ring:   Price: 1,000   The horn from a female unicorn can make around eight of these rings in total. These can help amplify spells cast from the hand that bears it. The properties are exclusively made more males.   White Arcane Cloak:   Price: 55,500   The skin can make a beautiful white cloak that can repel nearly all arcane attacks and effects. Depending on the unicorn gender will determine what sex can use the cloak's effects.  


  Enchanting is dangerous with a unicorn's soul. It's tied to the Illumination Magics and thus us above death magic. As such it's hard to control when putting it on a weapon or trinket. When it does succeed it is a powerful tool to wield.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

These are cosmopolitan species. They appear all over the world.

Average Intelligence

They are just as intelligent at the sapiens races.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

With normal hearing and sight, they also have some extra abilities as well. In about several miles they can sense anything magical item, creature, or anomaly. Their sight is also augmented with the ability to sense the goodness in one's heart.

They are incredible creatures that represent the magic of light.
— Archivist Renna
Population 0 ~ 3 Individuals   Public Opinion Due it it's rarity and kind heart, the creature is seen as good fortune.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Eques Luce Amet
~100 years
Conservation Status
The Scion's Circle made an agreement with multiple nations called the Magical Conservation Concord. Unicorns are protected under this agreement.
Average Height
~6 ft
Average Weight
~1980 lbs
Average Physique
They are quite strong compared to many similar sized creatures. Be wary
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their fur is a pristine white with sparks of magic around them.
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Cover image: Unicorn Missing Noah's Ark by rebelakemi


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