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Scion's Circle

This group is a council of scion that watch over the world in case of magical events. They rarely convene expect every five years to discuss what they know and to ensure that each member is alive. Each member is assigned a glade to watch over and it's their duty to make sure that is well kept and safe.


The circle is made up of six scions. One for each kind and the leader, the Speaker. The position is life unless a unanimous vote is taken to remove them. The Speaker is also not assigned a glade. It's unknown what the speaker does reside since on many occasions the speaker will vanish from the public eye for months at a time. The other members are called Watchers. Each Watcher has an assigned duty related to their type, but all protect a glade.  

Draconis Seat

  The Draconis are entrusted with enchantment, the Glade of Septimus, and necromancy. While generally frowned upon, the chosen Draconis merely studies and practices the counter magics required to stop them.  

Phoena Seat

  They work towards research and archiving events, studying life magic, and watching over the Glade of Banner Hill. Their job is not only understand the past, but also to how the past ripples towards the future.  

Gryphor Seat

  The Gyphor are entrusted with authority for the circle, the Glade of Orion, and Solar magics. This enforcement is used to keep the pacts and treaties signed by the organizations of the world. This is all to ensure that their agenda is kept.  

Kitsa Seat

  They are tasked with locating, training, protecting, and advising the Grand Enchanter. It used to be training scions to replace the current watchers, but that was changed after Galena disappeared, so many years ago. As such the task to train new watchers is placed upon the seats' holders. They also watch over the Glade of Hope and study lunar magics.  

Naganais Seat

  the Naganais are the eyes and ears of the circle as well as in charge of Elemental Magic and the Glade of Iris. With the Naganais are generally disliked, the Naganais seat has been cursed with suspicion. They ensure that the battle is won before the battle has even begun and if it fails, the Gryphor fix the problem. It is up to the Naganais to keep an eye on an ever changing world.

Public Agenda

While their true intentions are never discussed outside the circle, their actions reveal the motives of their goals. In many cases anytime there is a supernatural disturbance they come and observe and deal with the situation. There are also many Scion's Glades that they watch over to ensure that no one person tampers with it other then scions.


While they are incredibly small group, they have a lot of power. Among many scions, their word is law and thus the circle can rally their people in a time of crisis. In almost all governments they have a big weight in political decisions. However, the Imperium is the only country to never take their consul in all of known history.


The Circle was founded in distant years past from what they call the Never Ending Crisis. The scions had to band together in order to protect the world's population and prevent catastrophe. After the crisis, they were unsure what to do. Having the scions united under one group was too much power. They disbanded most of the people, so only six remained, one from each type of scion. Soon the general public forgot what the Scion's Circle had down for the world. Even later, history had even forgot what the crisis was and how it was defeated. Now they are mostly observers in the geopolitical climate of the world in hopes nothing like the event happens again.

"I've meet one of the members during one of their visits to the city. They are very secretive, certainly to nosy Imperium researchers."
— Archivist Renna.
Founding Date
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
The Circle
Subsidiary Organizations
Scion's Glade
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The Scion's Circle brought together these heroes and together they sought to defeat The Embrace

Situational Friends

The Scion's Circle has always kept their distance from other organizations, but the Academy tends to stick themselves where they shouldn't belong. The Academy thinks the Scion's Circle plays the bystander role to much.

Tense Relations

Due to the Guild's desire to play either side of magical conflicts, the Circle sees that disapproves of this ideal greatly. However, they have helped the Circle in the past, so their relationship is very complicated. Currently, they are barely on speaking terms.


The Scion's believe they are a dangerous and radical religious group bent on the destruction of the known world. While not necessarily true in their eyes; Death's Ring is still out for their own goals and will go to any lengths to achieve them.


The two have been compared to historians as groups with the same goal but vastly different methods. After the Never Ending Crisis, a power vacuum was created. The Embrace sought to fill it with Dantus. The Scion's Circle sought to let the new species of the world to take a hold of it. This would of course create a conflict.


After the Crisis of 3398, the Circle came forward and explained the danger the alchemists pose and their possible goals. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

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