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Kitsa are Scions with the true from of the mythical kitsune. Scientists, archivists, and even the scions themselves debate on whether or not this is a sub species or an ethnicity. However, we believe they are their own set of culture and beliefs. As a result, Archivist Glenhook, our cultural and biological researcher on sapiens, has compiled an array of information about them.   Kitsa are considered the most perceptive and inquisitive of the scion species with them making discoveries for good or ill. This can be seen as progressive or forward thinking, but this could also be seen as amoral. Whatever your opinion is of them, they know how to think outside the box.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Their first name is given by the nature they were born around in, but in the words of the Ancient Tongue, but sometimes Imperium Basic is used. Here are some examples:   Vlen, Fan, Jousuen, Corxo, Reath.

Family names

Their family name is given by the place they were born in. For example, a Kitsa born in Corna could be named Vlen Corna.


Culture and cultural heritage

Most their culture was lost to time after the Never-Ending Crisis. There are a few traditions they have kept through the ages.  

The Journey

  An old tradition of a rite of passage to adulthood. Shared with the Kitsa, the passage is made at the age of 200 and it's a spiritual journey through The Dreamscape. By using the special leaves associated with traveling three with some other herbs, the scion discovers who they are and who they could be. For each scion it is completely different.  

Blessed Eyes

  When a kitsa comes to a reproductive age, a ceremony is done to bless them with a beautiful body and mind. These ceremonies start at sunset in the mountains and end at midnight.   For males, this consists of bathing in rose scented water while in their true form. This is done by their mentor who "washes" away their impurities. Once done they wait till midnight to "build" the magic inside them.   For females, this consists of bathing in jasmine scented water while in their true form. This is done by their sister or mother, but if neither are alive or able, a chosen female can perform this task. the task is performed to bath them to give them traits of love, kindness, and thought. This lasts till midnight where they leave the bath to dry in the moonlight. Once competed, they wait to "light" the magic inside them.   Typically afterwards their powers increase afterward and are considered full adults by other kitsa. At this point they reach their full power unlike the other scions who still increase in power.  

Festival of Faces

  With their powerful illusion magic a festival is held for fun and games deep within a forest. Protected by powerful spells, only kitsa and their chosen guests are allowed inside to partake in the festivities. Inside games are played and music plays with a gentle light of lanterns to keep the games afoot. Kitsa change their face and appearance to resemble something fun and silly or even sometimes scary. This is held every ten years on the Solar Eclipse.


Beauty Ideals

Kitsa are very specific with their image. Depending on where they live, they immerse themselves in the culture of beauty to ensure they look their best. It's a manner of pride to keep this up and this applies to both sexes. However, they keep strictly to the gender roles associated to their sex in order to maximize their impact.

Relationship Ideals

Love is very important to a Kitsa, but it's also very fleeting. This can result in cases of many broken hearts to pursue a new fleeting romance. However, once in a great while love can spark a romance that will burn forever. This will tie them to one person alone whether or not the other person reciprocates. This can get quite dangerous for the target and even more dangerous to their friends. It's recommended to enter some type of relationship in order to preserve some sort of peace within your life without death on either side.

Major organizations

Among all scions, the Scion's Circle is the only source of authority to them. The Kitsa are no exception. With their seat on the council they are tasked with locating, training, protecting, and advising the Grand Enchanter. It used to be training scions to replace the current watchers, but that was changed after Galena disappered, so many years ago. They also watch over the Glade of Hope and study lunar magics.
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