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The Seeker of Dreams Galena Aeomys

Galena was the second ever recorded Grand Enchantress and was just as important as her predecessor. Her role in the establishment in the current world politics changed the fabric of our world for humanity making the elves a fallen race.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She was quite lithe in frame with short black hair. Accounts say she was a beauty with many wonderful qualities. In general she was very healthy individual.

Special abilities

Solar Affinity, Light Blessed

Apparel & Accessories

Surprisingly we do not have an account of what she wore. Texts suggest she always wore a long cloak around her covering her entire body. If they did see what was under he cloak, they must not have lived to write it down.

Specialized Equipment

She was a master of magic. Physical combat was not her focus and thus had powerful spells and magical equipment to protect her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early History

  Galena was born into an elven noble family in the heart of the elf homelands. The empires of old were at their peak of their power. Her life was filled with wealth and luxury. Everything was just perfect until the collapse. The human tribes began to revolt and free their people taken from their homes. The Aeomys family was on the side of the government and they pooled their resources to quell these rebellions. She, however, was skeptical if this was the right decision. It would not be long before she would have to make a choice.   At around the age of 160, the Scion's Circle approached her family about a proposition. Two Watchers and the Speaker arrived to discuss their position on the war. They stayed for a week and negotiations were slow. On the last day of their visit, the Speaker finally met Galena, who just returned from her trip. As per her duty, she asked to test her affinity. Her father disagreed and removed them from their home. Galena was still curious; her father wasn't one to be quick to anger. He was becoming something different then she had ever seen. She fled her home that night and sought the circle.   Her journey was not long and she quickly realized the destruction the war was causing. Each side was killing the other without remorse. She was completely disgusted. Once her father knew of her disappearance, he flew into a rage and placed a large reward for her return. Galena was on the clock, she had to find the circle before her father's men found her. This was no long a search for answers, but a battle between her and her father. It took several months of searching, but she did find the circle far from her home in the today's Lor-Ta. The circle, surprised by this turn of events agreed to test her. To the world's surprise, she was light blessed. Something not seen in nearly 900 years. After what she had seen, there was no reason to go back, so she joined the side of her father's enemies to end the elf tyranny over the world.  

The Grand Enchantress

  She disappeared from records for a while after. We believe this was due to the Scion's Circle efforts to protect her until she could wield the light. It wouldn't be till 1001 where she appeared around the world to aid the hurt and displaced people on both sides. She was neutral for the rest of the conflict. This was a surprising revelation after what her journal and firsthand accounts say about her. Her father was still out to bring her back, but she kept her distance. No one could defeat her now.   It wouldn't be till a few years later where she would return to her father and discover a terrible revelation. He was a reverent of The Embrace with the sole duty to bring their leader from the grave. The only hold on reality was Galena, who left him, so many years ago. Now an agent of darkness, she had to kill him only to find that The Embrace had returned.   Years went by as she sought to find and defeat The Embrace. She traveled all over from the far snowy peaks of The High Throne Mountains to the distant shores to the south.  

The Seeker of Dreams

  She would purge the darkness from many cities. Our historians have not found a pattern on why she went to certain places. No place was safe from her inspection and she would find many evils such as seamsters and murderous princes. It would be an adventure before she would find their secrets.   She would eventually find their new base in Gold Winter Mountains where they sought to a new The Dark Entity to lead them. She would be too late to stop their creation as it would escape into The Dreamscape. With The Embrace in disarray, she followed him in. She was never seen from again.


Her education was that of a noble. She was fluent in a few languages and had a very good understanding of business.


Family Ties

She was an only child, born into a motherless home. Her father was always odd when growing up and it wasn't til she became an enchantress that she saw his true darkness.

A very influential person. She began an era of humanity for many years to come which is still be seen today.
— Archivist Renna
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
The Dreamscape
830 S 1566 S 736 years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
147 lbs
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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Author's Notes

Sorry, no sprite today. This one will be on the back burner for awhile until I finish the few phases.

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