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Shards of Ithran

The shards are powerful artifacts used to see past magics of illusion and deceit. Magic weaved with lunar and light magic created this unlikely relationship. At all times by looking into the shard can you see the goodness in one's heart by showing their an appearance that most resembles them in the magical world. It also reveals enchanted or magic auras in the area as well. Also by binding a little arcane magic to it can you make it into a lens to see through instead of reflecting. This process is irreversible and adding anything more will permanently damage it.  


Legend says that a beautiful elven prince that was loved by all his people. Every day before he went to gaze about the land his people he would gaze into a mirror that let him change his appearance to whatever he desired. He would do this and approach his people in this new guise, so they never knew it was him. However, the love his people put to him was misplaced. Every day as he walked out into the city he makes one of his people disappear. Everyday this happened and his people started to worry. They begged their prince to protect them from this monster. He, of course, declared to protect them and so he within the week the murderer was found and killed, but the murders would continue.   It was not till the enchantress Galena came to the city to investigate the rumors of dark magic in the city. She soon found out that the city was plague with a dark shroud of evil. As the murders continued, tie was of the essence. Ithran, the prince, was smart. An apparition of himself was always insight, so hide his true intentions, but you can't hide the even the darkest of magics.   When she brought her accusation to him, she met said apparition. At that moment she knew she had no time to lose. Only powerful lunar magics could have produced such an entity. She scoured the room and found his beloved mirror. Knowing this to be his source of deceit, she began to curse this mirror against him. The next time he would use it the mirror will change his appearance into the monster he truly was forever.   The next morning the prince approached the mirror and began to change his appearance as he did every morning. However, this time, he turned into an ugly beast out of nightmares. He screamed in shock and smashed the mirror breaking into several pieces. The guards hearing the scream rushed in to see this hideous beast. They cut him down on the spot. The shards, now enchanted, to reveal one's true self and properties. No longer can someone hide behind a mask of illusion or secrets. The shards reveal all.  
Dreams of the Enchanter, Volume Three


They are the only known way of seeing magical aura and to see past it. Only a limited number are known to exist and magicians have no way of replicating them. these are incredibly powerful and useful to many organizations to detect traitors and people with evil intent.

The Archives have one. We use it to examine possibly dangerous texts and equipment. It was gifted to us by an anonymous donor about hundred or so years ago.
— Archivist Renna
Item type
3x3 inches
Base Price

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