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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
What is considered the most valuable item ever created in your world?
A total of 134 entries

Crown of the Arcane Commander

Heart of the Golden King

The Imperial Crown

SC - The Eternal regalia

The Undying Dragon Mace

Medica Omni-Implant

The Indicated Dignitary

(Spoilerwarnung) Torreks Gral

Legacy Headstone

Golden Shoulderbag of Dektrius

Continental Imperial Crown

The Helm of Folc Starhelm, Duke of the Corleons

The Singing Tapestry of Alaj

The Portal of Ouroboros

The Obsidian Squall

Thrones of the Domains

Ithicayn's Warpstone

The Veil of the Golden Pass

Pierre d’éternité

King Zerenda's Proposal Goblet

Anvil of Titans

Sceptre of Aetharis

Dark Crystal Blade

Orhesian Crystal

Crowns of Kirboldir

Moon Gems of Zophos

Shroud of the Pale God

Aquacoustic reverberator

The High Crown of Wirtelkag

The Ru'hana Pendents

Temptress of the Sea

The Nameless Blade

New World Crown Jewels

The First Script

The Sword of Ioshua

Centurial Royal Guard Claymore

Delaney Avis Dinnerware

The Crown of the Mythic Empire

The Lost Artefacts of Aregos Falstar

The Crown of the First King

Mohrrim Encrusted Dagger

Staff of Dragon Breaking

*Soulblades of the Order

The Nightingale's Cradle

Stone of True-Seeing

Sphere of Nothing

The great staff of gren

Circlet of Lun-Kheren

The Sword of the Rose

Argeith Limited Reserve

Diary of a Roaming Merchant

Shards of Ithran

The Crown of the High King