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Crypta Infinarium

The Vault of the Archives Infinium

In the aftermath of the War of the Scourge, the Varian Coalition, and primarily the Archmage Vyliar'faeien, had discovered and developed some of the most powerful forms of magic in known Varian history. Along with those advances, they possessed scores of ancient knowledge, and secrets, that aided their fight against the Scourge. However, in the aftermath of the conflict, the Vyliar'faeien was faced with the dilemma of possessing this knowledge and power that could easily be turned against the rebuilding civilizations of the continent. To ensure the security of these assets and the safety of the continent, the legendary archmage devised a plan. He created a vault that would secure his and future knowledge, accessible only by select minds of each generation. Though, the intent was for nothing inside to ever see use again...

The Crypta Infinarium is the vault created by the Archmage Vyliar'faeien to hold ancient and magical knowledge, specifically his own discoveries and findings over the course of his life. The Arcane Society held custody of the vault and placed it in a high-security chamber in the Archives Infinium. However, during an assault on the Grand Arcaneum in 3498 3E, agents of the Scourge shrunk the Crypta Infinarium and teleported it to an unknown location.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mechanics of the Crypta Infinarium remain a secret known only to the Grand Magisters of the Arcane Society.

Manufacturing process

Crypta Infinarium combines mundane and magical engineering to create a nigh-impenetrable storage unit. The physical chassis of the vault utilized First Era methods of construction, resulting in an air-tight, seamless containment area. The intricate outer plates serve both aesthetic and protective purposes. Pieces of the Crypta Infinarium seem either melded together or attached, more than likely by sovereign glue, magic, or a combination of both. On top of the physical features of the vault, the Vyliar'faeien enchanted the Crypta Infinarium with the highest tier abjuration magicks to prevent intrusion or access to the contents by anyone short of the Grand Magister of the Arcane Society. The exact processes for the entire vault's creation presumably was placed inside of it as well.


The Crypta Infinarium holds substantial academic, cultural, and historical significance to the magical communities of Varia. The containment of highly potent and valuable magical techniques also gave the Arcane Society, its former holder, a significant military advantage as far as assessing and addressing threats to the organization. Furthermore, its associations with the Archmage Vyliar'faeien and, by the latter's connection to Faenorias, have also given the vault some religious significance amongst Faenorias' and, to a lesser extent, Aizur's worshippers.

Item type
Owning Organization
Arcane Society
Legendary artifact
10,000 lbs. (3 Varian tons)
20 feet x 20 feet x 20 feet
Base Price
1,000,000 gp+
Raw materials & Components
The cubic vault appears to be made of metallic materials, mainly platinum, gold, and silver on an exterior glance. Various plates on the outside are also inlaid with various gemstones (notably diamonds, followed by sapphires and rubies). The specifications of the interior remain generally unknown to public eyes.

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Cover image: Mana Vault by Zirngibl


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