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Grand Magister

The position of Grand Magister is not just a title or a set of duties. It is the...legacy of Varia's greatest mage. The ideology, the ambition, the fears, and the hopes of the Archmage Vyliar'faeien rest over this position. To become the Grand Magister is the greatest honor any magic user in this continent could possibly achieve. It is a position that garners much admiration and envy. However, even with all the pomp and circumstance, the fame and fortune...One must never forget that taking on this mantle is nothing less than a vow. To uphold the Arcane Society's principles. To ensure magic is not used for ill. Being the Grand Magister is like having the weight of Varia, if not beyond that, on one's shoulders—especially knowing the darkness we once inhabited throughout our history...   However, that is why now, of all times, it has become imperative for me to stand for the belief that magic can and must be only a tool for good. For all the horrible things magic has enabled in this world, it is still yet our greatest answer to the present problems that threaten to divide and destroy us. Magic will build a better world, for everyone."
— Grand Magister Alexandre du Faeien, circa. 3357 3E


The Grand Magister must have at least 10 years of membership with the Arcane Society. They must have also become a part of the Magisters Magni, the Arcane Society's most elite council of five mages, by achieving the rank of Magister. Achievement of the rank requires displayed mastery over at least one school of magic and further expertise in at least three others and passing the Rite of Magisters. Typically, holders of the rank of Grand Magister are archmages with mastery over multiple schools of magic.


The Magisters Magni convene to appoint a Grand Magister to choose a candidate from among their ranks. Deliberation can take as little as a day to as many as months, a time period which fluctuates based on the circumstances of the Arcane Society.


The Grand Magister determines the direction and focus of the Arcane Society. They must set the example of a powerful and responsible mage, typically by abiding with the organization's and the Avon Accords' policies regarding magical use. Conducting the Rite of Magisters, finalizing promotions through the ranks, and allocating budgets to the organization's different branches also number among their duties. They also have the task of overseeing the Grand Arcaneum's defenses and protecting the most valued knowledg ein the Arcane Society's possession. Furthermore, the Grand Magister represents the Arcane Society in official matters outside of the organization, such as in meetings with the leaders of geopolitical bodies or in transcontinental summits.

Though not an explicit requirement, the Grand Magister also influences the morale of the Society's members. In between duties, they may also conduct classes or seminars held in the Grand Arcaneum's Academy or in other institutions of magical learning.

Cultural Significance

Throughout the entire continent of Varia, and in some parts of the Feylands, the Grand Magister is a highly admired position. Despite the Society's apolitical status, the position still holds notable influence over diplomatic matters, particularly due to having the Arcane Society's mages and the arsenal of magical resources at their disposal.

Magical, Professional
Currently unoccupied
Source of Authority
The Legacy of the Arcane Society, as established by the Archmage Vyliar'faeien
The Magisters Magni
Length of Term
First Holder
The Vyliar'faeien
Related Organizations

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