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The Scourge accounted for creatures ranging from undead and demons to monstrosities and other abominations. While not all creatures of those types are a part of the Scourge, members tend to originate from them. However, their numbers can also include beasts and even humanoids. The common factor with such monsters has been their association with (and, in the case of the latter, consumption by) the Corruption, a dark force considered the antithesis of life.

Basic Information


The base appearance of the Scourge depends on their previous states before being utterly consumed by the Corruption. However, such creatures all tend to sport a deathly visage and exude a dark substance, either in the form of an ooze or wisps of gas.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Corruption is responsible for the creation of the Scourge. It has not been observed whether those already fully corrupted can still reproduce as they may have once been capable of doing.

Ecology and Habitats

The Scourge can theoretically thrive in any place, at the cost of subsequently destroying life in such an area.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses depend upon their previous states. However, the Scourge are theorized to have some sort of internal compass that leads them to the living.

Genetic Descendants
The Corrupted, Undead, Demons, Monsters

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