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Age of Empyreals 3498 3E

The year is 3498 of the Third Era.   The continent roils in conflict. The Rysmarckian Conquest continues to consume swathes of Central and Northern Varia in the aftermath of the kingdom of Taillean's dissolution. Meanwhile, the heavy warring threatens to delve deeper into the eastern regions. And, in the shadows of this turmoil, hidden agents cultivate the Corruption and the Scourge into a threat that may dominate what any mortal squabble can muster.   One heroic band of the Age of Empyreals began their journey in Central Varia during Kaelhon, the fourth month of the year. Their exploits have, over time, brought them to the coasts of the southwest. Yet, they never seem too far from trouble with a knack of causing ripples of their own.   With their presence or without, the whole of Varia remains in flux. The year 3498 3E would mark an unprecedented escalation in the Rysmarckian Conquest and the continental troubles as a whole.

The Third Era

2000 and beyond

With the established states of Varia growing ever more powerful, the peace which once pervaded the continent during the Second Era shattered. The period marks a time of both heavy geopolitical conflict and cultural advancement. The Third Era also marks the first traces of Corruption and Scourge reappearing since the War of the Scourge.