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30. Capers and Consequences

The morning after the wedding, André reported to the Grand Magister Alexandre's office for a meeting. However, his arrival was greeted by a bizarre mess in the waiting room, which extended deeper into the office itself. Investigating the area, the bard discovered an unconscious elf, still grasping a bottle of whiskey, buried in a pile of cushions. André informed the pseudo-secretary, Sylv Peth, who in turn shared that the elf had been a guest of the Grand Magister's. Their voices rousing him, the elf came to, apprehensive at first of the individuals in front of him, before coming to his senses.

The unknown elf proceeded to search for his belongings while André attempted to extricate answers about the whole situation. However, the other feigned some sort of ignorance to André's questions and proceeded about his business seemingly unaware of the mess in the office. André continued his search for the Grand Magister and, after further searching, managed to locate him behind a swinging bookshelf. Giving the archmage some time to recover himself, the bard returned to the waiting room, though returned to the office not too long after.

While the Grand Magister still nursed a hangover, the two men discussed the events of the theft at the Trow estate the previous day. On record, the archmage questioned the bard of the events, and André admitted to the accounts as well as offered to take the brunt of the responsibility for the incident. Following his testimony's conclusion, Alexandre inquired more into André's reasoning, and ultimately decided in the latter's confinement to the Grand Arcaneum along with a re-assignment. Shortly thereafter, André was introduced to his new position as a residential manager of one of the student dormitories.
Kent, who had also received a summons from the Grand Magister, reported to the Arcaneum the following morning, accompanied by his teacher, Angramax, with whom he had stayed the previous night. Alexandre discussed the theft at the Trow estate with the younger mage, who remained candid arguably to a fault, about the occurrences and his involvement. Beyond the official record, the archmage spoke to Kent further about his behavior and utilization of his talents. The exchange ultimately led to the Grand Magister to place a seal on Kent, intended to regulate his magical abilities, as well as assign him to live as a student within the Arcaneum, until further notice.

With little choice in the matter, Kent spent the rest of the day in his new quarters. He received a visit from Angramax, who provided some words of encouragement, and later met his hallmates: fellow students of magic, ages 9 to 16. Settling into the new environment, to mixed success, Kent contributed to the students' attempt to pull a prank on the rumored new residential manager. After, he proceeded to entertain them with tricks using legerdemain; though, he came to discover that residential manager was none other than André himself.
Following the events of the reception, Andraste dedicated a substantial chunk of the next morning to see to Lady Emma Trow's well being. The cleric of Pelor navigated across the city, and past the Azure Quarter, to reach the royal estates and the Château de Curieux on the far eastern section of Curieux. Despite initially being halted, the guards at the royal palace's gates allowed Andraste's entry, after receiving the appropriate orders. The majordomo of the palace greeted Andraste before taking the cleric to Lady Emma's quarters, where her daughters, even the newlywed Edna with her husband, waited upon her.

With Edna's permission, Andraste saw to the pregnant noblewoman, confirming that both she and the child seemed to be in good health. Attempts to use magic not directly associated with healing were initially met with some suspicion, though the staff at hand ultimately deferred to the cleric's skills. When Andraste's magic resulted in not too significant changes in Lady Emma's behavior, Andraste addressed the matter with her daughters, who in turn placed their trust in the cleric of Pelor. Promising to return the following day, Andraste then departed from the Château and proceeded to once again serve in the charity stalls in the Commons.
Varris, after a night of worrying, resumed her search for Kent and also spoke with Jester about her family situation during the day. Her efforts brought her to Angramax's tower, catching the teacher-student duo just as they were headed to the Arcaneum. After they escorted Kent, Varris returned with Angramax to his smaller tower, where it was arranged that she would stay for her safety.

During the course of the day, Angramax, with aid from Varris, attempted to scry on her family in order to determine their address and whereabouts. However, all three attempts to scry on her mother, father, and brother ended with little success. Varris stayed the rest of the day in Angramax's abode, tidying up in the mage's stead. Later in the night, Angramax proffered to stay in his suite in the Arcaneum, following Varris's concerns over communicating with her friends, which ultimately brought them back to the Society's headquarters.
Following the exhausting wedding day, Jester prepared herself for a day of errands, buying a number of supplies for herself as well as her party. Though she contemplated once again withdrawing from the Grand Tournament of the Blades, Varris and Tycus attempted to convince her otherwise. Tycus also accompanied her in her affairs during the day, providing further words of encouragement to her and her situation with her family. Following the completion of her errands, the pair of paladins then decided to spar to keep Jester in shape for the upcoming competition.

The remaining adventurers not in hiding or under punishment, Andraste and Jester, reconvened at the Adjective Noun for dinner. Later, Jester also dragged the cleric and Tycus out to witness the second showing of Lumos, while Varris witnessed the display atop Angramax's roof. As everyone began to rest for the night, Andraste chastised Jester for failing to visit her ailing mother that day, which led the cleric to leave her company, conduct her readings in the tavern below for a short while, and then instead spend the night in Tycus's room. However, during this time, Andraste noticed the presence of a number of suspicious individuals occupying the other rooms of the inn; informing Tycus of the occurrence, both resolved to maintain watches during the night...

"With all they've done for me, and for those around them, perhaps I had erred in my judgment, overstepped my bounds, but...But, something had to be done. Though I can't help but feel it, the sting of shattered trust."
— —Alexandre du Faeien

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