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Zentrem sits at the crossroads of the cosmos while simultaneously being located on the material plane. A planar anomaly, Zentrem's placement opens itself to whatever wonders and mischief the worlds beyond and the universe at large have to offer. Life and magic come hand in hand for most of its denizens, making the stakes of its conflicts that much higher.   A spacious world in itself, Zentrem contains a few notable landmasses. Some connected through land while others separated by varying bodies of water.   The continent of Varia is a near continuous tract of land with little to disrupt its space within. Due to its size, Varia sees a wide expanse of terrains and climates. However, that factor is but one reason that it is one of the more lively and prominent realms, especially with its civilizations constantly in flux. For, in the present, a majority of the continent and its people are embroiled in a massive war, some for imperial superiority while others for mere survival.   The Feylands occupy the east of Varia. Its lands serve as a window if not a gateway to realms beyond, making it both a dangerous and wondrous region to traverse. While it maintains a veil of separation from neighboring Varia, one of the Feylands' kingdoms, the Evergreens, sits close enough to the fluctuating continent for the conflicts there to threaten even its own peace.   However, further east of the Feylands and across the waters, the continents of Etrul and Macai boast civilizations as diverse as those of Varia.   Separated from Varia by the Southern Seas, the Barrenlands fill in a portion of Zentrem's lower hemisphere. An arid and near uninhabitable area, this region serves as the home to the most monstrous beasts and creatures in Zentrem.   Note: Zentrem serves as the homebrew setting for a personal Dungeons & Dragons campaign. For the time being, our focus will remain upon Varia, the main backdrop of the Age of Empyreals.

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Age of Empyreals

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Heroes rise to face present and ancient threats in the continent of Varia