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Age of Empyreals

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Zentrem
March 21, 2017 | Full
Adventurers, heroes, and the like are needed now, more than ever. These are troubled times, an era ripe for individuals to rise above their peers and make their marks on history. Each of you has set out from your homes, away from your previous lives to pursue the path of the adventurer. How you proceed into fame, or infamy, will hinge on your actions henceforth, but no doubt you will find ways to set your selves apart. For now, you need a place to start.

With most able-bodied men occupied in war or in defense of their homes, the roads now lack the patrols and security they once had. It is not uncommon for travelers to band together in their treks, though one must still remain wary of their company. For whatever reason, each of you is currently traveling on the road to the town of Duford, a town surrounded by war. On the way, you have joined the company with a group of entertainers, Terryflump’s Travelling Troupe. Thus far, your journey has not been disturbed...

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Scheduled Sessions

Tue 3rd July 2018 6:30

Session 50

Wed 27th June 2018 18:30

Session 49

Wed 20th June 2018 18:30

Session 48

Wed 6th June 2018 6:30

Session 47

Mon 7th May 2018 20:30

Session 44

With the day ahead of them, the adventurers enact their plan to attack a supply caravan.

Wed 25th April 2018 18:30

Session 42

In the dead of night, the adventurers each address their own troubles.

Sessions Archive

23rd May 2018

Session 46

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15th May 2018

Session 45

The adventurers look to gather information on the locality.

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1st May 2018

Session 43

Still split, the adventurers wait to take their next step in finding the girl in Wiltide.

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15th Apr 2018

Session 41

The adventurers' vessel must take a stop in Arville for repairs before continuing on to the city of Wiltide.

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11th Apr 2018

Session 40

The party sets off for the city of Wiltide.

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The Protagonists

Andraste Siannodel

Kent Oakes

André de la Conais

Jester Trow

Varris Enna