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32. The Grand Tournament

General Summary

To conclude the first round of the Tournament, André faced off against a knight and succeeded in besting his opponent. Proceeding to the next round of matches, Jester dueled Ronald, the helmeted warrior; though, halfway through the bout, the paladin discovered that her foe was none other than her father in disguise. Despite his identity, Jester prevailed against him, locking her place in the semi-finals. Shortly after, André clashes with his second opponent of the day, a nimble fighter named Anisa. With some debatable usage of magic to keep him on the field, the bard eventually succeeded in downing his foe. Following the end of the round, the first day of the Tournament came to a close. The semi-finals were then invited for a private reception later that evening, during which they mingled with their fellow competitors and some notable individuals who had served as audience to the events.

On the second day of the Tournament, competitors gathered for a show match consisting of a battle royale that pitted the Grand Duelist and the remaining contenders against one another. The match began with the Grand Duelist, Alexandre du Faeien, exhibiting his skills with the blade, bolstered by magic. However, as the brawl reached its climax, a masked assassin from the stands of the coliseum shot Alexandre with a crossbow bolt which incapacitated him. Subsequently, one of the semi-finalists, the dervish fighter known as Arisa, further assaulted the helpless Alexandre, killing him with a crystallized dagger. Yet, those present did not have time to even react to the archmage’s assassination before a gigantic creature, summoned by a mage in the stands, began wreaking havoc. The party of adventurers scrambled to apprehend Alexandre’s killer while also trying to fend off the monstrosity they came to figure out as a spawn of the Scourge. Ultimately, the assassins and the mage made their escape, leaving the wounded adventurers to dispose of the monster. Meanwhile, knights in service to the royal family and the city’s law enforcement acted to ferry civilians away from the coliseum, and Idan appeared to provide offensive support from afar.

Though the Scourge creature proved a threat, the adventurers succeeded in defeating it, though a few came to be gripped with the Corruption. With prudence, however, the Corruption was succinctly addressed before its state could advance. The party soon after relocated to the city’s church to Avalon, tired and wounded, with Alexandre’s corpse in tow. As they took a moment to recollect themselves, they discovered news of strange happenings in the Grand Arcaneum, including the destruction of the Prismatic Bridge and the sudden lapse of contact into and out of the structure. Idan warned the adventurers of the possible conflict within the Society’s headquarters, citing the possible dangers and need for preparation. Still, the elven archer had a means to entering the Arcaneum, providing the party the opportunity to save those within at their call.

Character(s) interacted with

Alexandre du Faeien
Beren Trow as the helmeted warrior, Ronald
Prince Xandran of the Kingdom of the Evergreens

"They held their own against an abomination of the Scourge—No, that's not giving them enough credit. They stopped that monster before it could do more damage, and trust me, it could have done worse. As for what's to come in the Arcaneum...Well, I will believe in them as he did.
— —Idan
Report Date
11 Feb 2018
Primary Location

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