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"Conais' has never thrived on war and conquest. No, that was the first, and perhaps the only, real mistake that my predecessor—gods bless his honorable soul—made in his rule, in pushing our beautiful kingdom into a conflict we had no business fighting.

But a brief glance of our history shows our greatest strengths: our culture! The minds that we have produced! The beauty that we have created through our works!

So now, I, upon at last taking this throne—after years of watching my dearest Conais breach the surface of a pool of war, bloodshed, and conflict—I at last promise to all of my subjects, to each Conaisan out there, that I intend to maintain the peace of our kingdom. And this kingdom's peace with all powers that be. For, it is in us focusing! Nourishing! Celebrating our home, that Conais will truly flourish! In its own way, a light for the rest of Varia, for what a kingdom could be."
— —Edgar I of Daramond, King of Conais circa. 3484 3E


Conais follows a feudal political structure. The current ruling family is House Daramond. Beneath House Daramond, numerous noble houses have sworn fealty to both the king and the ruling house.   After the noble ranks of the population, the rest of Conais' denizens count, for all intents and purposes, as among the commonfolk. However, since King Edgar I's coronation, there has been growing acknowledgment of a middling class comprised of wealthy merchants and business people, the intelligentsia, and military officers with no noble backgrounds.

Public Agenda

King Edgar I has made explicit statements that Conais intends to remain out of the conflicts plaguing the rest of the continent. As a result, the royal family backs numerous artists and intellectuals to further develop Conaisian culture while also supporting businesses to maintain the kingdom's growing manufacturing industry.


Historians mark Conais' date of establishment at around 2000 3E by the Conas family, its first ruling house. The first golden age of Conais has been attributed to House Conas' five hundred year rule which came to an abrupt end when the house crumbled due to internal conflicts. The fall of House Conas then led to a period where multiple noble families vied for the throne, with some only holding it for one or two generations before it changed hands.   The current ruling house, Daramond, succeeded the throne nearly two centuries ago, making it the second longest running house to maintain the crown. The years following the first decade of Daramond rule constituted another golden age for Conais as the stability of a longstanding royal family allowed the kingdom to once again flourish. However, this period came to an abrupt end when King Edward II, the predecessor of Edgar I, thrust the nation into the growing conflict between the Rysmarcks and their neighbors in which its military, famed more for its elite soldiers than its numbers, greatly suffered and the kingdom by extension. With the succession of Edgar I to the throne, Conais has stabilized from its previous losses in war. Perpetuating his promise to focus the kingdom's efforts inward, the current king has continued to lead Conais to what scholars consider to be an impending third golden age.

"In Conais, the grass always seemed a bit more greener. The sun a bit brighter. The skies a bit bluer. Locals say it's all the magic in the air that does it. But it just seems like it exists in its own little corner, ignoring all the shite going on beyond the borders."   —A traveler circa. 4488 3E
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