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Curian Funnel Cakes

History & Impact

By the beginning of the Third Era, denizens of southwestern Varia were already preparing oil-fried cakes for everyday consumption and special occasions. However, the first documented usage of the funnel to prepare the dessert occurred during the first Faenrul Festival in Curieux.   The tale goes that a cook had been preparing a panned cake at a local eatery. However, by some odd circumstance, the cook had no spoons at their disposal and instead resorted to utilizing a funnel to met out portions of the batter. The attempt did not produce a typical cake by any means, though when it was served to patrons, it received a raving reception. The method spread throughout the city and soon became a staple of local cuisine. It reached its iconic status as a Conaisan dessert only after the Faenrul Festival began drawing multitudes of travelers from outside of the kingdom.   Foreigners began to associate the funnel cake to the kingdom's confectionary style, despite its actual more varied nature. Local denizens embraced the dessert's popularity and it has remained a staple menu item for food establishments within the city. In commemoration of funnel cake's significance to Conaisan culture, the city has officially declared a funnel cake recipe contest as a permanent tradition of the yearly Faenrul Festival.  

Ingredients & Preparation

The funnel cake is a dessert made by frying batter (usually sweetened) in hot oil. Often, a funnel or similar tool is used to pour the mix into its signature circular shape.   Funnel cakes can be eaten plain, but they are more often accompanied with toppings. They are often eaten as a dessert but have also been served as a breakfast dish. Within Conais, the most common of these toppings includes sugar, caramel, chocolate sauce, and fruits. Most sweet substances have been found complementary to funnel cakes. However, the usage of salts and cheeses have also spread their consumption as breakfast or snack food.
"I cannot think of any dessert in Conais so fondly and lovingly regarded. Simplistic, yet satisfying. Accessible, commonplace, yet with enough versatility to sate even cultivated tastes. Ask anyone in Curieux, and they'd probably be able to point you to the nearest establishment to procure a funnel cake, if not give you a recipe of their own."
— —Barian Bobbit, Master Transmutationist and Gastronomist
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Owning Organization
Varies, typically less than 1
Base Price
1 sp

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