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38. The Cloaks Case

General Summary

Following a visit to Andre’s friend, Louis, the group worked to disguise André as part of their plan to infiltrate the Cloaks. André and Varris then approached the Cloaks’ hideout storefront where they were instructed to wait within the store. After a wait, LeVast appeared from the backroom to meet with the duo. Varris proceeded with a tense exchange of words with the man, confronting him with their recent discoveries; her and André’s attempts to confirm complicity with the recent goings-on with the Scourge proved futile. LeVast spurned Varris when she addressed their Cloaks actions regarding her family before turning the two away and solidifying Varris's expulsion from the organization. Later, André and Varris continued to scout out the Cloak hideout, though their attempts at infiltration came to no avail. They also scryed on both the Manager of the Curieux hood, Priva Wulan, and LeVast over the course of the few days.

The group also received commendations from King Edgar of Curieux in private ceremonies where they received honorary status in Conais as well as rewards for their efforts. Meanwhile, Andraste continuously implored Pelor for divine guidance to resurrecting Alexandre, though to no avail. Jester, and eventually Tycus tagging along with her, sought out employment to continue raising money for Kent’s resurrection. Finally, at the end of their investigations, the adventurers reported their findings to General Ballihan Oreses, who along with the Order of Avalon had adapted Angramax’s home as a base of operations. The general accepted the results and welcomed the group to the employ of the Order of Avalon, satisfied to know them capable of conducting matters carefully and less heavy-handedly. General Oreses then informed the party that they he will carry out the resurrection ritual to bring back Kent once the materials arrived in a few days, giving the rest of them time to prepare.

Rewards Granted

  • Honorary status in Conais, including the ability to purchase property in Curieux.
  • 400 gp to André and Jester for making it to the semi-finals of the Grand Tournament of the Blades.
  • 700 gp to each party member from the Conais treasury for their efforts in stopping the Scourge creatures and the aiding in the Arcaneum.
  • General Ballihan Oreses confirms that he will conduct the True Resurrection for the party.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Investigating the Cloaks for a link between the organization and the Scourge.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Tycus
  • Lord & Lady Trow
  • Jacques
  • LeVast
  • King Edgar of Conais
  • Jenaine Heartline, Court Mage of Conais
  • General Ballihan Oreses

"Neither I nor the Cloaks have any more to say on that individual or the company they keep."
— LeVast
Report Date
28 Mar 2018
Primary Location

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Author's Notes

Compared to the past few sessions, this one ran much more slowly. I do not say that is necessarily a bad thing, for pacing can be quite important during these campaigns. I think that I could have managed how I divulged some pieces of information differently, though I cannot completely say how much that would have changed the end result with the Cloaks scenario. Also, I will say that I find it amusing how the cleric spams their Divine Intervention feature to try to fix Alex, and just as much intrigued to play out what happens if it does proc.

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