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0. The Age of Empyreals

"Adventurers, heroes, and the like are needed now, more than ever. These are troubled times, an era ripe for individuals to rise above their peers and make their marks on history. Each of you has set out from your homes, away from your previous lives to pursue the path of the adventurer. How you proceed into fame, or infamy, will hinge on your actions henceforth, but no doubt you will find ways to set your selves apart. For now, you need a place to start.

With most able-bodied men occupied in war or in defense of their homes, the roads now lack the patrols and security they once had. It is not uncommon for travelers to band together in their treks, though one must still remain wary of their company. For whatever reason, each of you is currently traveling on the road to the town of Duford, a town surrounded by war. On the way, you have joined the company with a group of entertainers, Terryflump’s Travelling Troupe. Thus far, your journey has not been disturbed..."


Associated Timelines:

The Campaign, Thus Far...

The Age of Empyreals campaign, set on the continent of Varia, began with the exploits of Andraste Siannodel, Buzz the Giant, Jester Trow, and Varris Enna as they escorted a traveling group of performers. Whether aware of it or not, the Rysmarckian Conquests have warped most of the continent that serves as a backdrop to their adventures. Just as well, their actions may cause ripples in Varia beyond their knowledge.

Over time, the party has grown and shrunk, seeing the addition of Kent Oakes and André de la Conais and departure of Buzz the Giant. Their adventures have brought them from the war-torn heart of the continent to the southwest coast. On the way, they have saved towns, witnessed massacres, fought vampiric creatures, slayed a dragon, and even explored the Astral Plane.

The heroic band's actions increasingly intertwined them with a threat bigger than even the disputes of the warring states: the Scourge. With a shadowy faction orchestrating the return of the Corruption, the adventurers have risked life and limb to uncover and deter their efforts. On the way, they have made powerful allies, and perhaps just as powerful enemies. Yet, while these heroes answer the problems posed in front of them, the world around them continues to churn, setting in motion chains of events beyond their control. Or, at least, for the time being.

Current Cast of Adventurers

Andraste Siannodel Cleric

André de la Conais Bard

Jester Trow Paladin

Kent Oakes Bardly Wizard

Varris Enna Rogue

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Third Era

2000 and beyond

With the established states of Varia growing ever more powerful, the peace which once pervaded the continent during the Second Era shattered. The period marks a time of both heavy geopolitical conflict and cultural advancement. The Third Era also marks the first traces of Corruption and Scourge reappearing since the War of the Scourge.


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