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The Divine Emperor Rainan

"On a balcony to the north stands an imposing man, heavily muscled with dark, purplish skin and stark white hair. Dressed in robes adorned with golden plates and what appears to be saucers, a large sash of Rysmarckian red hangs loosely about his torso, strapped to his chest with a crest the size of a shield. On half of his face is a silvered mask with an eye slit from which a rubied light emanates..."

Rainan, the Divine Emperor, is the head of House Rysmarck of Avon, the King of Avon by extension, and the Second Emperor of the Rysmarckian Empire.


Rainan's origins are a mystery that perplexes, and to an extent enthralls, the masses of Avon. Before his rise as the head of House Rysmarck, most Avonians, including the nobility, presumed that Rainan had been a distant associate or perhaps a warrior with potential that led to him being taken under the wing of Emperor Balthazar I of Rysmarck, or King Balthazar III of Avon, as a member of the sovereign's private guard. No matter how his story the spun, however, Rainan was an outsider. While suspicious at first, the upper echelons of Avonian society dared not speak against the Emperor's favor, especially when Rainan proved to be a monster in battle; though, later, impressions of him would be amended to that of a superhuman nistead.   At the onset of Balthazar I & III's sickness, Rainan was among the few to maintain direct contact with the sovereign, aside from the main family of House Rysmarck. Regardless, it came as a shock to the whole court of the kingdom when the emperor signed Rainan as his direct successor, trumping the priority over his own blood heir, instead of as Imperial Protector to a minor that would eventually take the throne. The decision sent ripples through the kingdom of Avon that even threatened a schism within. However, once the rest of House Rysmarck acknowledged the decision, quarrels seemed to quell, until rule would test the outsider at least.  

The Divine Emperor

The death of Balthazar I & III brought about the coronation of a new emperor and king in Rainan. The tale most widely spread of that day went that at the point that the crown of Avon touched upon his head, Rainan was transformed into the entity seen in the present, a being seemingly possessed by divinity that yet walks among mortals. A warrior as much as a sovereign, Rainan still occasionally led his forces into battle and thus guarantee victory with his extraordinary, some say superhuman, prowess. This penchant for fighting on the battlefield followed by periods of inactivity would also become a source of perplexity for the Avonian military command, who saw his participation only a boon in bringing the success of the Conquest to fruition. Yet, Rainan maintained the same behavior, and the seemingly erratic pattern of his direct presence on the conflict has in itself been a form of psychological warfare.   Furthermore, the succession sparked parallels with the tales of the God King, Avalon, albeit with differing origins. The all powerful sovereign blessed with otherworldly might thus rekindled a sense of nationalism, this time divinely mandated, in the citizens of Avon that had faded over the decades of conflict. With the idea of divine right fueling their efforts, the kingdom has since gone full force in support of the Rysmarckian Conquest over Varia.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Divine Emperor
Titan of Battle
A God Among Men
Biological Sex
Pure white that seems to shimmer with a dim light, lacks irises
500 lbs.+
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization

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