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"I, Balthazar the Third, of the House of Rysmarck, stand before you all now as the king of the great nation of Avon! It is an honor. A duty. And a burden. But such is the price of greatness.   Greatness. It is not born, not to its full extent. It is honed. It is made! Avon! It is a kingdom made from greatness. By great minds. By great kings! And this era before us now will be no exception! It is time for not just our neighbors, but all Varia! To once again realize–for they have forgotten–the greatness of Avon!"   -An excerpt from King Balthazar of Rysmarck's Coronation Speech, circa. 3465 3E


The kingdom of Avon is currently under the absolute rule of the Rysmarck family. Since the beginning of the Rysmackian Conquests of Central Varia, the head of the family has also adopted the title of Emperor. Currently, Rainan, specifically monikered the Divine Emperor, acts as the head of the house.   Under the main family, there are dozens of noble families of varying rank who further manage the social, political, and military aspects of Avon.

Public Agenda

Avon is the center of the currently expanding Rsymarckian Empire. Its goal has been explicitly stated as to put all of Varia under a unified rule.   As a part of this goal, Avon's government has expanded upon and invested heavily in their military, including drafting soldiers and procuring armaments. However, the ruling family has also provided guarantees to the safety of native Avonians, fulfilled by the significant presence of Rysmarckian troops in Avon proper.


Avon boasts one of the continent's largest armies, spanning into the hundreds of thousands.   Its boundaries include two of the continent's most notable cities: its capital of Avington and Aldeville.


Established in the First Era, the kingdom of Avon survived the onslaught of the Scourge. Notable as the birthplace and home of the God King Avalon, Avon served as one of the bastions for the humanoid races. In the aftermath of the conflict, Avon numbered among the powers who turned turned to domestic reconstruction.   By the dawn of the Second Era, Avon stood as one of the most powerful kingdoms on Varia. However, its precarious central position has made it difficult for Avon to avoid diplomatic tensions with its neighbors and beyond. At the kingdom's lowest point, Avon nearly lost its independence to an invader. However, since that time, the kingdom has steadily recovered, with a notable step forward at the ascension of House Rysmarck to the throne. Since Balthazar III's call for empire, Avon has been on a steady rise to becoming the undisputed geopolitical power on Varia. His successor, Rainan, has since continued and bolstered the conquest of the Rysmarckian Empire, though at the cost of straining the kingdom's political relations with the other major powers.   However, even with its long and war-ridden past, Avon remains one of the oldest kingdoms on the continent, whereas similar entities crumbled around it.


  • Map of Map of the Inner City of Wiltide

    Known as the Jewel of the Hanalian Coast, the city of Wiltide sits in the middle of the Blue Bay, a body of water that connects to the Hanalian Ocean.

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