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The city of Wiltide attempts to gather a census once every 20 years of permanent residents at the time. Humans comprise about 60% of Wiltide's population. Dwarves account for the next largest racial demographic with about 20% of the city's denizens and Half-Orcs also account for about 10%. The remaining 10% of the population hosts fluctuating portions of the other races, common and exotic otherwise.

Varian Humans account for nearly the entire human population. Mountain dwarves comprise about 80% of the dwarven population with the rest being hill dwarves. Sub-types regarding the remaining races are dubious due to the variety present in Wiltide.

About 75% of Wiltide's denizens are of working class (shop owners, military, etc.) and below. About 24% is comprised of upper-middle-class people, who are usually well-paid professionals (like doctors, lawyers, etc.) and intelligentsia. The remaining 1% of the population account for nobility and the extremely wealthy, such as owners of trading companies. Rsymarckian activity in and around the area have seen an influx of military personnel and Avonian nobility in 3498 3E.


Wiltide has a municipal government that has an elected mayor advised by a city council. The city government manages eight districts. Four districts are located within the inner city of Wiltide; there are four other settlement-districts—Fysburne, Ramfort, Harveston, Montrest—located in the outer city. Wiltide's law system derives its basis from the Hanalian Constitution, a document of law drafted in the late Second Era used widely along the Hanalian Coast.


Wiltide possessed a massive naval fleet to help secure the safety of its trading vessels. Since the Rysmarckians' occupation, portions of the navy have either defected or their status remains unknown. The city also has a formal military group known as the Rangers and a standing milita with enough members to account for a small army.

Structurally, Wiltide's inner city is surrounded by a massive stone wall equipped with watchtowers. The outer districts also have their own wooden walls surrounding the districts, though less refined comparatively.


Trading ports and companies based in Wiltide keep it in a constant state of business using a massive naval trading fleet. Many trade companies, banks, and merchant institutions also base themselves in Wiltide. Furthermore, the city serves as a major connecting point for the Kor Mountains' settlements to the rest of Varia to the south. Furthermore, Wiltide is one of the few cities to receive sea traffic from beyond Varia, such as the Docelli Isles and the much distant continent of Macai. Wiltide also had thriving transport, shipbuilding, and tourist industries. The outer districts also specialize in varying forms of agriculture and gathering, such as fishing in Fysburne, animal husbandry in Ramfort, farming in Harveston, and wood harvesting in Montrest. However, the conflicts with the Rysmarckian Empire have hampered the city's overall productivity.


Wiltide has one of Varia's largest docks and shipyard situated on the Blue Bay. It also has a sewage system and flood walls which have inspired the designs of similar structures in other coastal cities. Divided into eight separate districts, the city also has an extensive road system with four main roads leading to the outer city's four districts. Wiltide also has two connected plazas which make up the Endless Market, a massive area in which travelling merchants and traders conduct their business. The bulk of Wiltide's smiths, metalworkers, and furnaces are located just outside of the city's northern walls.

Guilds and Factions

The College of Wiltide serves as the Arcane Society's affiliated institution in Wiltide and the surrounding areas. However, as of the month of Viserath 3498 3E, the College has withdrawn from the magical organization.


The city of Wiltide was founded at the dawn of the Third Era, growing out from a fishing turned trade settlement.


Wiltide's architecture utilizes an amalgamation of imported blue and grey stone and wood. Buildings closer to the coast tend to be made of grey brick with flat-top roofs. Homes located outside of Wiltide's inner city tend to have thatched roofs covered in straw.


Wiltide sits in the center of the Blue Bay which connects to the Hanalian Coast. The edge of the Bluecrest Mountains lie about thirty miles to the southwest of the city. Towards the inland, Wiltide is surrounded by forests to the north, northeast, and south with pockets of grasslands directly east and southeast.

Natural Resources

Wiltide relies on surrounding forests for lumber. Quarries based in the nearby Bluecrest Mountains and the much farther Kor Mountains provide the city with a steady supply of blue and black hued stone. The waters provide it with abundant sea resources, such as fish and salt. The grasslands to the south also provide both crops and livestock to the city's denizens.

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