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49. Smashing Seals

General Summary

The adventurers, accompanied by Marcel, Agent Albern Cairm’virdel, and Z, carefully traverse the perimeter of complex under Vorstone Prison. Moving northwards, the group followed a narrow cavern to an outcrop overlooking a massive rift. While Kent and Jester scouted the area for the seal stone atop a polymorphed Albern, the rest of their comrades quietly waited on their progress. During this time, Andraste beseeched his god once again to aid in their efforts to destroy the seal stones. The plea was heard and answered by a ray of light that destroyed the first seal stone, just as Kent and Jester discovered its location. However, the noise of Andraste’s efforts attracted an umber hulk, which then attacked the part. Despite its gaze causing confusion amongst the adventurers, they dispatched the creature before proceeding towards the next stone. The retinue found the stone amidst a gathering of crumbling structures inhabited by more of the monsters they had previously encountered. By taking advantage of the structural weaknesses, the adventurers blocked, if not utterly crushed, the attacking creatures. They then found the seal stone and hurriedly destroyed it before more of the monsters arrived in the area.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Destroyed the first seal stone.
  • Destroyed the second seal stone.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Marcel Proutchard
  • Albern Cairm'virdel
  • Thelma Z
  • Mappy

"They have my gratitude for this rescue, or perhaps attempt at a rescue. I cannot comment beyond that."
— Agent Albern Cairm'virdel
Age of Empyreals
Andraste Siannodel
Kent Oakes
André de la Conais
Jester Trow
Varris Enna
Report Date
27 Jun 2018
Primary Location

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