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45. Sewer Search

General Summary

While Kent gathers information in Wiltide proper, the remaining members of the party looked to acquiring a focus in the sewers. In the morning, André, Andraste, Jester, and Varris descend into the sewers to the southwest of inner Wiltide. They brave the currents of unpleasant waters and wade through the sewage to reach a cistern where a strange individual known as Ol’ Cris scavenged through the murky surroundings. The party waited a few hours for the focus to appear before they wandered through the surrounding tunnels which eventually brought them into Cloaks territory. André spoke for the group as he dismissed their presence in the sewers, to which the voice of the Cloaks representative did not take so kindly. As the party moved away from the thieving guild’s territory, they were sent out with a rolling wave of fire. Returning to the cistern, the adventurers took on a different path that eventually brought them to another level of the sewers. They fought off a number of oozes within the tunnels, including a massive humanoid ooze which had the focus lodged in its form. With the prize in their possession, the party returned to the rebellion’s base, noticing on the way the increased presence of guards in the shantytown.

Rewards Granted

  • A bejeweled mirror scrying focus worth 1000 gp

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Acquired the scrying focus flushed down the College of Wiltide's popes

Character(s) interacted with

  • Marcel Proutchard
  • Ol' Chris

"They gon'd and found it! Ol' Chris don't know no nothing else."
— Ol' Chris
Age of Empyreals
Andraste Siannodel
Kent Oakes
André de la Conais
Jester Trow
Varris Enna
Report Date
15 May 2018
Primary Location

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