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51. The Way Out

General Summary

The adventurers and their companions rushed out of the rumbling tower under the prison, herding the freed mages along the perimeter of the complex. Varris and Kent scouted ahead several times. The monstrosities inhabiting the area seemed drawn to the noises near the tower while the company of escapees hurried towards the exit. While scouting, Kent wandered further and witnessed a scene where Tycus, in the company of an armored warrior and mage, were fighting against the monsters, outnumbered. The rest of the adventurers and their compatriots were attacked by a bulette attracted by the rumblings in the area, though the creature did not last long against their combined efforts. Kent rushed ahead to the exit, though the rest of his team followed some minutes after. The entire group continued moving for an hour before taking a rest. However, as the hours passed, they discovered that the Rysmarckians had maneuvered through the complex and begun a search of the tunnels they had escaped through. After a close call with a Rysmarckian scouting troupe, the adventurers pushed their wards forward, or rather down, an incline to further their escape. Eventually, they reached a point where they waited for Mappy to come through the route.

With the spell components delivered by Mappy, Agent Cairm’virdel teleported the freed mages to the Grand Arcaneum. The rest of the group then returned to the Cloaks’ hideout where the adventurers received rooms to rest while André and Eldicai each received an audience with Novos. The following day, the adventurers were escorted to the outskirts of Wiltide where Albern once again cast a teleportation circle to return them to the Grand Arcaneum. Their company was welcomed by several of the Masters, and the heroes were given some time to relax and rest—some more than others.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Marcel Proutchard
  • Albern Cairm'virdel
  • Thelma Z
  • Dr. Surin Habernath
  • Eldicai Verkanen
  • Tycus
  • Mappy
  • Novos
  • Angramax
  • Barian Bobbit
  • Miria of Daramond

Report Date
18 Jul 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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