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The continent of Varia's long and tumultuous history grows as tensions rise during an age riddled with imperialistic conflicts. Civilized regions find their selves embroiled in war, politics, magic, and all manner of troubles in between.   The lands of central Varia serve as the battlegrounds for the armies of noble and powerful families as these lineages seek to stymie the conquest of the Rysmarckian Empire, their battlegrounds the homes and livelihoods of their subjects. Meanwhile, the return of an ancient destructive force, the Scourge, threatens the realm as a whole, feeding off the turmoil and chaos wrought by war.   However, there is a silver lining. Now, perhaps more than ever, adventurers, heroes, and the like are needed. These troubled times provide a ripe opportunity for individuals to rise above their peers and make their marks on history. These adventurers set out from their homes, away from their previous lives to veer from the beaten path. Their future uncertain but no doubt filled with excitement, turmoil, and perhaps even glory.


The continent of Varia spans at an estimated 2,000 miles in length from its western coast to its more geopolitical borders to the east. As a result of its size, both its terrain and climate varies from one area to the other.   The frigid north is home to the Kor Mountain ranges, though smaller mountain ranges litter the western coastline and even near the southern coastline.   Most of the center of the continent is home to an variety of grasslands, forests, and hills.   The far south of the continent is home to the Khradiim Desert.   Notable bodies of water include the Kraitian Seas to the far north, the Hanalian Ocean to the west (which includes the Blue Bay), the Southern and Javalina seas to the far south, and the superlake near the center of Varia called the Titan's Lake.
"Short of the longest living of races, it may very well be an impossibility to see all the sights, sounds, and experiences that Varia has to offer. But, if there's anything that I know, it's that something's always brewing here." -A well-traveled Varian


  • Political Map of Varia - Divided
  • Map of the Inner City of Wiltide
    Known as the Jewel of the Hanalian Coast, the city of Wiltide sits in the middle of the Blue Bay, a body of water that connects to the Hanalian Ocean.
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