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Varian humans account for about forty percent of Reven's population. Elves, mainly of wood-elf variants, and half-elves make up about thirty-five percent. Halfings account for ten percent, gnomes for eight percent, and dwarves five percent. The remaining two percent of the city's populace includes other usually more exotic, possibly monstrous, races.   The city has a majority population of working class, commoners, and the poor. The middle class has a division between the wealthy tradesmen and bankers, who possess most of the city's wealth aside from House Buillon, and everyone else within. Nobles account for a tiny sliver of the population and have control over most of the surrounding land.


Reven's is controlled by an oligarchy comprised of House Buillon at its head, a group of select nobles, and the major mercantile organizations within the city.   With the city running mainly on the enterprise of larger businesses, taxation only has a slight gradient rate among the wealth brackets. The government promises that a majority of the taxed wealth is set aside for the wider use of the public, including improvements to the city's infrastructure, though they have been known to also invest it into businesses as well.


Reven has moats derived from the surrounding rivers. There are also gated checkpoints with guard towers to ensure the safety of travelers coming in by land.


Reven serves as a major trading port. Trading companies from all over Varia possess offices at Reven, which has also made it one of the major banking centers on the continent. It also has one of the largest fishing industries, rivaled only by the likes of Curieux, Ehreal, and Wiltide. Reven also possesses one of the growing metalwork industries not yet completely taken over by dwarven institutions.   However, the diversity brought on by its many citizens and travelers have also allowed all swathes of businesses to set up in Reven.


Reven has built some of the finest docks and ports on the continent. The city also possesses an extensive canal and sewer system. There are also numerous bridges within the vicinity of the city and even within. Furthermore, a dam has been built along the coast to protect the city from being flooded by the Southern Seas.

Guilds and Factions

The major thieving guild of the Cloaks have their main headquarters located in the city.


Reven is known for their canal housing style for buildings built near the waterways. These types of buildings usually utilize stone facades and tiling. Most of the city's waterside structures are built with stone while residential areas further inland are comprised of wooden housing.


Reven sits at the point that the Dante and the Greene Rivers converge. The city is generally surrounded by wetlands and marsh. Towards the inland, the wet surroundings give way to more grasslands.

Natural Resources

The expanses of fertile land to the north of Reven had been consolidated by the local government to provide grain and other forms of sustenance to the inhabitants of the city. Reven's seaside location also gives it a prime supply of fish, seafood, and even other resources derived from the waters like salt, some metals, and jewelry from pearl diving operations.

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