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52-54. Into the Mind

General Summary

After a few days of separation, the adventurers convened to locate André, who had not contacted the rest of the party after attending his trial adjudicated by the Council of Masters. However, after some time, they tracked him down to a church to Avalon where André had been assisting in the day’s mundane chores following his punishment: revocation of his status as an Agent of the Arcane Society and having his magic sealed. The adventurers spent the better part of the day investigating André’s situation and speaking on his behalf. Ultimately, they secured his custody with the rider of having a representative of the Sabers accompany him, though they found no success in pleading to remove the Mark of Perversion. The party encountered Idan in the afternoon as he escorted Ciaran Jaran to the church. They then spent a few more hours in Curieux before the former adventurer transported them to Degradbleu.

At the estate, the adventurers spent the next two days on standby while Ciaran prepared the spell for the next leg of their mission. Later, they entered the constructed reality derived from General Firon Gael’toryn’s memories, beginning what seemed to be his home in Ehreal. The party maneuvered through the general’s experience in Duford some months ago, tracing back his encounters with the Scourge, before defeating a monstrous creature at the Lifurion mines.

The adventurers continued searching for Firon through his memories. They visited the city of Ehreal, wandering its streets for some time before it became warped by the influence of the Scourge, and discovered an attempt to destroy the body of the mutated thief they had previously turned over to the general. Another sequence of memories brought them to a city under siege by the creatures where they thwarted a number of Scourge monsters. They then tracked down Firon’s past self to a nearly abandoned living complex where they witnessed him rescuing a child, and possibly even a creature of the Scourge. The party then entered a memory of a battlefield in chaos as monsters and soldiers violently clashed. While they attempted to follow and track down Firon, who had been dashing through the battlefield on horseback, they were surrounded by a swarm of monstrous Scourge. Jester and Varris were caught surrounded, eventually torn apart and seemingly killed by the monsters. Meanwhile, Andraste, André, and Kent escaped, tracked down Firon, and witnessed the end of the memory before being returned to the general’s home.

The adventurers remaining in Firon’s mindscape discuss their next course of action. Kent and André conversed with the projection of Rhia, Firon’s wife, as they tried to pull more information and focus his mind. They succeeded in having Firon appear, briefly, to tell them of his location before the adventurers managed to rest. Their final sequence brought them to the city of Ederton where they searched for Firon through the underground system known as the Underwarrens. The adventurers proceeded, somewhat stealthily, through a complex located deep in the system. They found a set of locked double doors, which they opened by manipulating the dream, and continued their search in a set of corridors. Upon reaching the torture room, Kent and André discovered a hidden door behind a dirty and dilapidated bookshelf which led them through a prison block and to a torture room. They caught the denizens within by surprise and, after some struggle against the present guard, they rescued Firon, bringing him out of the Underwarrens. The adventurers were then brought back to Firon’s home where the now freed elf addressed them briefly. They exited the mindscape before returning at last to the real world where Jester and Varris awaited them. With the group reunited, they convened to relax and discuss their next steps.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Firon Gael'toryn
  • Xandran Ke an Eri
  • Rhia Gael'toryn
  • Caedon Gael an Toryn

Report Date
13 Aug 2018
Primary Location

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