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“In the distance, the sunlight frames the outline of an imposing grey structure, the Bastion of Aldeville. Surrounding it, other buildings rise, though none can hold to the Bastion itself. Some possess the spires of churches, while others boast towers of their own. Their designs all serve as testaments to the gothic architecture present in Avon's oldest cities. For approaching travelers, the pristine stone walls of Aldeville are the first to greet them with soldiers patrolling along the parapets. The massive wooden gate remains open, but the soldiers manning the checkpoint put a slow to the stream of entrants.”


Approximately seventy-five percent of Aldeville's population is comprised of humans. Elves, including half-elves, make up the following fifteen percent. The remaining ten percent consists of other humanoid minorities, with dwarves and gnomes among the most numerous of them.   Like most of Avon, Aldeville has a small noble class to which most of the city government's upper echelons belong, including House Leitritter as the city's main governing house. Approximately a quarter of the city belongs to the wealthy, skilled class, including many decorated military individuals, the city intelligentsia, and business owners. Most of the city's population belongs to the commoner or working class.   Most of Aldeville's denizens are associated with the Avonian military, either directly or indirectly.


Aldeville possesses a city government run by a special council of four representatives. One representative is the head of House Leitritter, who have been the traditional rulers of the city and the areas around. The second involves a designated representative of the nobility living in Aldeville and its surrounding areas of jurisdiction. The last two representatives parts are elected by vote within the city, generally to represent the common man.   The council decides major legislation and taxations by vote. In Aldeville, half of all taxation is funneled to support the Avonian military.


Aldeville is surrounded by a massive stone wall with parapets and sports various towers.


One of the most notable structures is the Bastion of Aldeville in the northernmost part of the settlement, doubling as both the home of House Leitritter and a military base.   Aldeville hosts a stretch of a major road that sees traffic going from north to south, often taken by travelers and traders from Grandia through central Varia and to the edges of the Kor Mountains. To the north where the city lies on the river bank, the government manages several bridges with respective tolls.   On the riverbank, several watermills pump water into the city. Also, the surrounding lands to Aldeville are a host to windmills used for grain production.

Guilds and Factions

Aldeville is mainly under the political control of House Leitritter, a major vassal to House Rysmarck.   At one point, Aldeville hosted a branch of the Order of Avalon, but the turning of House Leitritter into a vassal house led to the muting of their presence in the area.


Most of Aldeville's major buildings are built with slate stone in a gothic style of architecture, sporting spires, flying buttresses, and arches.   However, most of the common housing is built of wood from the surrounding lands. Higher quality buildings sport roofing with ceramic tiling.


The north of Aldeville sits on the banks of the River Heser.

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  • Circa 2200 3E

    Oswalt of Leitritter Establishes the Settlement of Aldeville

    The noble lord, Oswalt of Leitritter, establishes Aldeville as a settlement as a result of a military exploit.

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