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From the ashes of the ancient world, we rebuild a nation dedicated to goodness, light, and hope. With the god-king Avalon to guide our hearts, minds, and spirits, we shall not falter in the face of evil or danger! With the blessing of the great divines, we shall be the bastion of Varia, from the nefarious beings that seek to harm it and its people, from within and without.
— The First Pontiff Grandis, circa. 50 2E


The Pontiff

The Pontiff serves as the head of the Order of Avalon and, by extension, Grandia. This position possesses the absolute power to enact laws and mobilize the nation's vast military forces. The Pontiff is a position passed on from one individual to another, chosen from a pool consisting of the Order of Avalon's top hierarchy. Grandia's founding doctrines describe the process for succession as one based on merit; the exact methods remain unknown along with the confirmed identities of candidates, though disappearances in the Order's top ranks often provide an indication to the latter.


Archbishops are appointed by the Pontiff to oversee the management operations and domestic aspects of the Order of Avalon, but they also serve as top officials in the Grandian government. In addition to being powerful divine casters, they provide support and counsel to the Pontiff. In times of emergency, they take on more noticeable leadership of the Order's operations and government legislation. Overall, they are second only to the Pontiff and have equal standing with High Generals.

High Generals

High Generals are similarly appointed by the Pontiff. While Archbishops oversee the domestic policies of the Order and Grandia, High Generals have control over the nation's substantial military forces and foreign policy. They decide when and where to mobilize Grandia's armed forces as well as have priority in allocating budgets for the military. Overall, they are second only to the Pontiff and have equal standing with the Archbishops.

Public Agenda

Grandia's public agenda mostly aligns with the goals of the Order of Avalon. The nation's forces are primarily employed to combat the Scourge and its remnants throughout the Varian continent. Its position in Varia's southernmost regions also makes it the first line of defense against possible attacks or invasions from the denizens of the Barrenlands, located across the southern waters. Due to the Avon Accords, Grandia possesses a belligerent foreign policy regarding the Scourge and any traces of it; its forces have the express right to mobilize across geopolitical borders to address the horrid phenomenon.

Grandia is also considered a sanctuary nation, known for providing safe havens to refugees of war. Lastly, Grandia sends clergymen and missionaries all over Varia to spread the word of the god Avalon. While worship of other deities is allowed in the nation, Avalon remains the primary god and the only one whose doctrines have been integrated into the government.


Following the end of the War of the Scourge, the Archbishop Grandis of the Guardians of Avalon directed a portion of the Varian Coalition's remaining forces to the southernmost regions of the continent, continuing his previous efforts from during the conflict. This group officially became known as the Order of Avalon in 50 2E, in devotion to the ascended god-king who turned the conflict against the Scourge in humanity's favor. Under the Archbishop, the forces consolidated into a pseudo-governing body over the surviving denizens of the surrounding areas. While routing out the Scourge's remnants, the Archbishop also devoted efforts to rebuilding the tarnished lands of the south.

The Order of Avalon managed to wipe away the Scourge's presence in Grandia, at least for several millennia. However, with the infrastructure they had put into place in the southern regions, the Archbishop decided to keep the Order of Avalon stationed. They expanded their main encampment to include surrounding locales, forming the basis for the capital city of Ehreal. In 54 2E, the Archbishop, supported by the council from the Order of Avalon, provided the namesake and declared the founding doctrines of Grandia. Most of the first set of laws were written in parallel to the Order of Avalon's principles. He also consolidated the position of Pontiff as the head of state, in addition to its faculty as the head of the Order of Avalon.

The Archbishop, who then became the First Pontiff, remained in power until his death in 60 2E. He was succeeded peacefully in the same year, and the line of the Pontiffs has continued without issue into the modern day. In the following millennia, Grandia maintained a constant vigil for signs of the Scourge. The Second Era, as a whole, proved a period of respite from the Scourge which allowed Grandia to develop more fully into a nation. When the Scourge resurged at the dawn of the Third Era, the Order of Avalon, and by extension Grandia, rekindled its crusades. Overall, Grandia maintained a defensive political stance, outside of matters regarding the Scourge, rarely engaging in international conflict unless directly attacked.

Demography and Population

Grandia's largest demographic is comprised of humans at 30%. In Varia, Grandia sports the largest percentage of dragonborns in its population at 20%. The following races also have been recorded in the last Grandian census (as of 3475 3E): gnomes (18%), half-orcs and orcs (11%), dwarves (7%), halflings (6%), elves and half-elves (5%), tieflings (1%), and other races (2%).

Furthermore, 90% of Grandia's population is concentrated on the country's massive coastline, also known as the Gold Coast. The remaining 10% of the population lives in pocket settlements located in the deserts of central Grandia or near the Parsharykk mountains.


Grandia's territory is consolidated at the southernmost regions of Varia. The nation has held these lands since the early years of the Second Era, and no other geopolitical body has ever made claims to them.


Grandia possesses one of the most powerful and numerous military forces on Varia through the combined power of the Order of Avalon and the Grandian Militia.

The Order of Avalon possesses a total force of at least fifty thousand infantry dedicated to foreign excursions regarding the Scourge. The majority of these forces are warriors trained to combat the Scourge head-on, with a much smaller fraction of elite divine warriors. The Order of Avalon also has units of clergymen and casters capable of healing or counteracting the Scourge. The Order of Avalon also dedicates about five-thousand soldiers to their naval efforts, mainly in securing trade lines and defending against hostile forces from across the seas.

The Grandian Militia is a standing army of 300,000 Grandians bolstered by another 100,000 rotating reserve troops. It serves as the primary domestic force whose purpose concerns the nation's defense and, in extremely rare cases, international conflicts not associated with the Scourge. The Grandian Militia is known for allowing active members to serve while still maintaining most facets of civilian life; in the event of a conflict, the standing army would be deployed first while reserves take over their previously left posts.

Technological Level

The coastal settlements of Grandia stand at the forefront of technological progress in infrastructure, military, and naval technologies. Its government funded developmental guilds have attributed their successes to the notable gnomish population in the country along with the cosmopolitan flow of information and trade within cities.

Coastal cities have been fortified against surging sea levels and flooding through damns and water diversion systems that double as irrigation channels. Most agriculture in Grandia occurs on the floodplains developed through natural and artificial means.

Grandia boasts some of the most sophisticated siege weaponry and top of the line naval vessels. The military has also refined the process of rapid construction of defensive structures and encampments, often used when mobilizing forces against the Scourge in foreign lands. The dwarves of the kingdom are also known for their improved smithing processes that allow for a quick turnover of equipment to the state's armed forces.

Furthermore, despite the heavy focus on divine magic in Grandia, the native arcanists possess research agreements with the Arcane Society. Advancements in arcane magic typically come in the form of magical transportation or enchantments for armaments.


The nation of Grandia unilaterally worships the god-king Avalon, and he is considered the nation's patron deity. The doctrines of Avalon's church are integrated into Grandian government (though historians and scholars argue that Grandian doctrine shaped the principles of worship to Avalon). However, the nation officially allows its denizens to worship or otherwise pay homage to other members of the Varian pantheon while worship of deities originating from outside Varia is not formally acknowledged or supported. Grandia's Church of Avalon, considered a semi-autonomous part of the Order of Avalon, actively purges any form of worship or cults that seek to venerate the Scourge, fiends, and other malicious beings.

Foreign Relations

Grandia generally maintains neutral to positive relations with other geopolitical bodies due to restrictions from the Avon Accords, holding non-aggression pacts with the major powers on Varia. The nation considers the Gaventon family and its holdings as a staunch ally. Otherwise, Grandia does not form joint-defensive pacts that may entail going to war without direct attacks on the nation proper. Grandia also has trade agreements with the coastal powers of the continent.

Hope in the light eternal

Founding Date
54 2E
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
South Avon (formerly/unofficially)
Order of Avalon (formerly)
Training Level
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Grandia abides by the Varian standard of currency that uses minted platinum, gold, silver, and copper coins. The nation mints its own currency but also accepts the minted coins of other geopolitical bodies.   The exchange rate is as follows:
  • 1 platinum piece (pp) = 10 gold pieces (gp)
  • 1 gp = 10 silver pieces (sp)
  • 1 sp = 10 copper pieces (cp)
Parent Organization
Order of Avalon
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

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